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:bulletwhite: Lynn "Silver" Price / Female / Canada :bulletwhite:
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Dusk Journal Doll by Radioactivemantaray :COM: - Dusk Symphony Page Doll~ by SH0STAKOVlTCH
Hello there and welcome to my profile! I am Lynn Price, but you can call me Silver. I draw MLP art mostly, I have a number of pony OCs and I also draw customs and adoptable foals for people. I sometimes do pony anthros and very rarely humans, most of the time these will be NSFW, either having nakeds or bondagey things involved. I write a little, make fan buttons and more recently I've been trying my hand at MLP bases.

I am fortunate enough to have the best man in the world by my side, Raver1357. He has been there for me through my ups and downs, and is the entire world to me. He is funny and affectionate and one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. I don't know what I would ever do without him. You will occasionally see me post works made by him on my account, since his account is more for bondagey things rather than ponies, he uses my account as his pony posting account. He also makes a few smexy pony bases that are posted here as well.
Tiny Flamel by axolotlshy
:PC: Jd Dusk Symphony by JELL-IES :COM: Silver Romance Page Doll~ by SH0STAKOVlTCH Silver Romance by wiccanchick726
Hey guys! It's been brought to my attention from many sources that my picture of Dusk was put in some guys Youtube video without permission. I commented a couple weeks ago asking for it to be removed but I was ignored. So I've posted another comment in hopes that perhaps they just didn't see it. Could you guys help me by upvoting my comment? Maybe they'll see it then.

If they continue to ignore it I'll need you guys to help me report it, but I don't want to resort to that unless they ignore me. ;w;

~FFXIV Meme~

Thu Jul 12, 2018, 7:30 PM

Stolen from S-aiitoChan !

And I'm tagging Raver1357  and SecretSketchbook  to do it as well. owo

1. Be mature when answering the questions. No shipping wars, story wars, etc...
2. If you play FFXIV I'd love if you could do this too and tag your friends who do it~
3. Please tag me when you copy this, I wanted to see your answers!
4. I'd love if you could add 5 questions to yours that I can answer on mine!
5. No spoilers! Except if you give warnings first :3

1. What's your current character race?
A Male Miqo'te!

2. What's your starter job and why did you choose it?
I started as a Gladiator because... well I'm not sure why actally. It seemed the coolest, and at the time it seemed like it would be easy to learn.

3. Who's your favorite characters and why? If you have many, list them all!
Cid, Nero, Haurchefant, and of course Aymeric~

4. Characters you hate? Be mature here~
The Acians, Thordan, FRIGGING ILBERD

5. Favorite patch? ARR? HW? SB? List them in order!
HW is definitely my favorite! I was super invested in the story, it really got me in the feels and I just love it so much.

6. What do you like from FFXIV?
The story and gameplay for sure!

7. If you have 1.000.000 gil, what will you do?
Laugh to myself because I have 10.000.000 right now. ;w;

8. Your favorite class/job? if you have many, list them all!
Red Mage: My current main and highest Item Level class.
Paladin: My original main.
Dark Knight: Almost level 70, I've kinda fallen in love with it. ;w;
Weaver: I make minions!

9. Do you have any regret with the patches, updates, stories, etc? Why?
Diadem stuff, I finally got all of it though. Heaven on High has some of the minions you get from there but not the Pegasus minion and mount. xwx I regret that after new stuff comes out, stuff like Diadem goes by the wayside, no high level people that know what they're doing do it and newer players can't get the stuff from it because no one else does it.

10. What would you like to do while waiting for Roulettes?
I don't usually have to wait lately, Tank instaque!!! LOL Usually I'll do like beast tribes and stuff, or look for music to listen to while in it.

11. Your favorite cutscenes?
*spoilers* The battle with the two dragon brothers for sure! Oh and when Raubaun killed Teledji.
And the amazing videos that come before ARR!

12. List your ships here! Be reasonable...
Cid and Nero
Wedge and Tataru
Thancred and Minfillia
Urianger and Moenbryda
Maahes and Destery owo

13. List your crackships! Go crazy here!
Nanamo and Raubaun ;w;

14. If you can give suggestions to SE, what would you like?
Give some love to some older content!

15. With all the existing jobs, what job do you want to see next?
I think Geomancer could be cool!

16. Favorite songs from FFXIV?

17. Any scenes that make you cry?
Most of the good guy deaths, you know that ones.
The scenes after beating Nidhogg

18. What's your favorite activity in-game when you're bored?
Work towards getting achievment mounts. owo

19. Your favorite dungeon?
Gotta be honest, I hate doing dungeons so I don't really have a favorite. ;w;

20. Your favorite dungeon stories? Vent here!
I usually forget these but there was one today. I was doing Susanno because it came up in the Trial roulette, as a Dark Knight. Other tank said they wanted to tank. They couldn't keep the agro, and they kept dying. So I went in and tanked it because I was keeping the agro, and they refused to change back to their DPS stance. When it came around the time for the sword drop, the other tank didn't grab the orbs while I was holding the sword and we wiped, and EVERYONE BLAMED ME EVEN THOUGH I WAS HOLDING THE SWORD? "You're OT you're suppose to do it!" No, I was MTing because the other person couldn't/wouldn't. Use your eyes.

And now I'll add 5 more of my own!

21. Which server(s) are you from?
I'm in Midgardsormr, the Dragon Daddy server!

22. Are you in a Free Company? If so, tell me about them!
I'm in a FC called Hidden Charm! It's a super fun FC with lots of nice, active people. They do events every so often and they do dungeon runs, maps, and even a help desk for people who need it. <3

23. Which Grand Company are you in and why?
I picked the Flames because A) I started in Ul'dah as a Gladiator and B) DADDY RAUBAUN

24. What is your favorite mount? If there is more than one, list them!
My favorites are the Behemoth, Zu, the Black Pegasus, Dark Lanner, all of the different colored Reaper armors, and soon to be, the motorcycle. owo

25. What is the most expensive thing you've bought?
Probably the Night Pegasus whistle. I really hated PotD so I saved up forever to get one. <3

26. If you can get ONE job from FFXIV into reality, which one?
Red Mage owo

27. Do you have any favorite glamours?
My Red Mage glam~

28. Any favorite weapons?
Manipulative Moggle Mogfoil

29. What brings you to the game?
My BF owo

30. Any alternative characters?
None yet!

31. Favorite locations in FFXIV?
Ul'dah, The Gold Saucer, The Sea of Clouds

31. If you can save characters from the game, who will they be?


Streaming! with mah boiii so some NSFW stuffs might be there~
Going to be streaming in a minute, a Multi with Raver1357  ! <3 Be aware that he might be drawing some NSFW stuff~
I'd like to do a BDSM pack myself, to get some extra monies. I've posted a poll on Raver's account, could you guys help me decide what the pack should have in it? <3…


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