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Relent 2 by Silverpelt Relent 2 :iconsilverpelt:Silverpelt 1 0 Rave for Hailie by Silverpelt Rave for Hailie :iconsilverpelt:Silverpelt 0 0 ToplessFractal by Silverpelt ToplessFractal :iconsilverpelt:Silverpelt 1 0 Burning Hood Samurai Deamon by Silverpelt Burning Hood Samurai Deamon :iconsilverpelt:Silverpelt 0 1 Victory by Silverpelt Victory :iconsilverpelt:Silverpelt 2 0 HarderBetterFasterNewer by Silverpelt HarderBetterFasterNewer :iconsilverpelt:Silverpelt 0 1
A perfect line
Amid the fields I toiled long
In blackened sheets I sowed
The trellis and the seed grew long
As fire fed the coals
And nourished with the biting wind
It came to harvest day
But then I saw beside the road
The glittering of your emerald eyes
And stooped myself down low
You taste like snow in summer skies
Like frozen water mixed with wine
An honest thief to dance beneath
As pale sunset meets your lips
Yet as I reached to pick you up
The blackberries snapped and hissed
And cut the flesh to bone beneath
Yet cool you closed beneath my fist
Your voice was faint as winter winds
I held you to my lips
You beckoned and you laughed at me
I put you in my chest
I turned my back on furrowed fields
And watered them with coals
I laughed as fire ate it all
And seedlings ceased to grow
I carried you across the land
Over hill and swamp and breast
Licked and smitten by your smiles
Following your painted kiss
You taste like snow in summer skies
Like frozen water mixed with wine
An honest thief to dance bene
:iconsilverpelt:Silverpelt 1 0
In the grip of shadows
A place of noise and ordered chaos
Wrapped inside this theme of slow decay
Memories lie like shards of ice
The stubs of old cigarettes
Which stain the flawed and riven glass
Of the ashtray of my heart
Old smoke and better times that cling
Like a pall across a frozen corpse
That sinks deeper than the cold
A life I sold by slow degrees
To anyone who could buy
A requiem to this lost soul
Read at this wake
For broken dreams.
An epitaph of better things
:iconsilverpelt:Silverpelt 0 0
Peices of you.
You went away...
I used to run
Drawn by a laugh
A smile, a kiss
A pair of eyes, so green
That led me right to you.
Now I crawl
Alone and charmed
I leapt into the sea
I doubt my strength, I see the sharks
The swim home is long for me
You burn my soul
My silver, silver cloud
I burn the ashes
I need its light
I would let go
But then nothing
The pain it makes me
Breakes me
Rapes me
Saves me
These peices of you
Are peices of me.
Its cold and I miss you
But you miss someone else.
You went away...
:iconsilverpelt:Silverpelt 2 4
AEther Trap by Silverpelt AEther Trap :iconsilverpelt:Silverpelt 0 2
The Household Guard
So long ago, the fabric of my soul
In which the Maggots crawled
So long ago, yet nevermore
Long since hatched to wasps
They guard the doors
And walk the walls
These avatars of love
On a throne of polished brass
Once woven from the stars
My heart in darkness sits alone
With eyes of ice and flame
He rules them all, these wasps
As prince and lord
They are his household guards
This darkened caste
They keep him safe
And see to all his needs
They sing him songs
Of pain and loss
And with there tears, those bitter drops
They wash his wounds with care
Black as night and cold with spite
These sentenels of love
With care they seek to keep alive
The legands of the fall
They fan the flames, I let them stay
They keep there watch, despite the cost
Bedecked in tattered wings
Walk down the path
That leads within
And safe you shall not be
For sting and bite
With blades of Ice
The wasps will try
To kill the light that others wish to bring
I watch them close
These precious things
Which maggots of your lov
:iconsilverpelt:Silverpelt 1 2
ID4 by Silverpelt ID4 :iconsilverpelt:Silverpelt 0 2 ID3 by Silverpelt ID3 :iconsilverpelt:Silverpelt 0 2 ID2 by Silverpelt ID2 :iconsilverpelt:Silverpelt 0 0 The artest formaly know as... by Silverpelt The artest formaly know as... :iconsilverpelt:Silverpelt 0 3
Sunset creeps
Behind chain link fences, across steal and stone
Replaced by the flickering glow of mans dominion
The night ruled by the buzzing hum of artificial light.
Death creeps
Behind a facade of hope and ignorance
The pale glow of afterlife
The hours of dusk ruled by the hymns of the hopeful
Life creeps
Through this twisted firmament
Immortal and ever living
And doomed to die an endless death never quite complete
Humanity creeps
Through the tortured maze of self awareness
Doomed to live to die
To burn to embers and then to ash
We creep
Through the lengthening shadows of twilight
Towards that eternal night
But at least we creep together
:iconsilverpelt:Silverpelt 0 1


the passage by elementality the passage :iconelementality:elementality 77 54 Take That Avatar by JeBuZ Take That Avatar :iconjebuz:JeBuZ 65 159




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Like a train that has been boarded by terrorists who have killed the driver and have set explosive charges in all the carriages, which is to say okay, just. Might be moving to melbourne soon, other than that I cant think of much that has happened. Well lots of things have happened, but they are not all worth describing.
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