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Fallout Equestria: Summer's showers.



Skyhoof had then let me out to find some trace of civilization, my hoofprints from earlier had already been swept away by the persistent hot winds which blew the sands into beautiful dunes on the horizon, even uncovering a few of the Appleloosa Army Depot's mechanized defenses. I had with me just a .357 revolver, 10 extra 'clips' for about 60 rounds of ammo total, and as much water as would fit into my small saddlebags.

This is a comic continuation of what started out as a fallout equestria fic, these may be helpful in determining setting and whatnot. I'm not the greatest writer, so I took up arting instead, because I want to develop my drawing skills.

Note: These stories have been retconned.
[link] Part 1

[link] Part 2

Previous comic in series: [link]

Next comic in series: [link]
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