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Fallout Equestria: Summer's Showers 4.



Summer's thoughts:

I made my way into what seemed to be a military base on fire. I was surprised to see no combat out on the open fields between the multiple buildings. Seeing smoke billow out of the big building in back, I decided to investigate. Not even a second after setting hoof inside, I heard gunshots being fired, and quickly dove back outside behind one of the heavy metal blast doors, setting my S.A.T.S. to work for the first time. It took me a few clips, but I eventually heard the attacking ponies bodies thump to the floor. As I started to inspect the bodies for guns and ammunition, I heard a cry for help coming from the other room. Looking into the room, I saw a pony in a noose, struggling to keep her balance on the back of a chair!

Previous comic in series: [link]
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SO awesome! X3 Can't wait for the next :3