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Fallout Equestria: Summer's Showers 2.



*Small disclaimer, upon drawing this comic, I hadn't known of a fallout equestria map, as such, this east and west should be reversed, though the south is still fine.

Summer's thoughts: After climbing through the broken window of the depot's guard shack, I found myself rummaging for something with a bit more kick than a simple .357 revolver. In a chest with a rusted off lock, I happened upon an assault rifle. I had never particular model back in the stable, but I could tell it was an automatic rifle pretty easily. I looped the strap over my neck and quickly hopped back through the broken window, heading southwest as Skyhoof directed me over the radio.

Part of me was wondering why I was warned from going to the clouded land. I holstered the thoughts for now, and I turned my back to the clouds, heading for the sand dunes.

Skyhoof said he had picked up a radio signal, however, my pipbuck took notice of no such thing.

(Scanner cut off on top a disclaimer that I just used a cutaway view on the scene, and that the guard shack is whole except for the broken window.)

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