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Fallout Equestria: Summer's Showers 0.



Mission briefing: Subject 238. You are the latest surviving pony to complete stasis. The mainframe computer's stasis pod life support systems data vacuum tube has shattered from a combination of the hot weather this season, as well as a lack of maintenance under heavy stress situations. There is a back up data tube, but we are tasking you to find an empty data vacuum tube. All lines of communication to outside cities are inoperable. Records indicate nearby cities of Appleloosa, Rahvaning, and San Franciscolt. We have provided you with desert rations and combat gear in case of hostile Zebra infantry invasion. Good luck, a recording of this message has already been transferred to your pip-buck 2000.

Summer's thoughts: I had barely gotten the sleep out of my eyes, when the voice over the loud speaker had told me to outfit myself in the gear provided. After making sure the recording on my pipbuck worked, I took a quick glance at the computer screen of my stasis pod:

Tank 238
Sex: Female
Base species: Unicorn
Potency of body system functions as in comparison to Tank 2 control group unicorn:

Muscular system: 70% (Leg muscles not fully developed)
Respiratory system: 80% (Low lung capacity)
Circulatory system: 70% (Low heartrate, low white blood cell count)
Digestive system: Error: 0A3B6D 1D6A3F (0101000100010100100101010111)
Nervous system: 140% (Skin prone to overstimulation, high susceptibility to hot and cold)
Skeletal integrity: 60% (Pegasus skeletal structure, no wings formed)
Magic capacity: 80% (Energy drained from horn at a rate of 25 mana per hour. Capacity drained in 4 hours versus 5 hours for control group)
Magic potency: 680% (100 mana spent equals 680 kJ, 100 kJ in control group)
Reproductive system: Error: 6E2C6A 5F4D2E (0101011101010101010010101011100)
Sight sense: 100%
Hearing sense: 120%
Taste: 50%
Smell: 20%
Touch: 200%
Verdict: Failure.
Reasoning: While the test pony has high magical potency, many subsystems did not fully develop.

I recorded this information in my pip buck under "Clues," before setting my sights on the heavy blast doors opening before me.

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