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Published: September 17, 2015
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Name: Creekfeather

Clan: Fogclan
Gender: Female
Brief design summary: Short gray-blue she-cat with long soft tail
Scent description: Waterlily with a very faint scent of mud
Height: medium, ish
Breed(s): Korat, Norwegian Forest Cat
Known kin: Browntail (mother), Sagepelt (father)
Previous name(s): Creekkit, Creekpaw
Other info: Her only sibling, a kit that was not named, died shortly after his birth
Defense: 5/50
Attack: 10/60
Health: 100/100
Stealth: 5/70
Hearing: 25/70
Speed: 5/60
Evasion: 5/80
Hunting: 5/90
Social: 5/100
Bullet; Green = Good traits
Bullet; Yellow = Neutral traits
Bullet; Red = Negative traits

Bullet; Green Kind
Bullet; Green Somewhat motherly
Bullet; Green Friends with everyone
Bullet; Yellow Honest 
Bullet; Yellow Sometimes has a difficulty to stop giggling like a she-kit
Bullet; Red Often forgetful
Bullet; Red Easily falls in love but gets heartbroken very easily


Bullet; Orange Bullet; White = Family relation
Bullet; Orange Bullet; Black = Family relation yet dislikes.
Bullet; Purple = Respect
Bullet; Purple Bullet; Green = Envy
Bullet; Orange Bullet; Red = Fear
Bullet; Orange Bullet; Blue Mentoring/Being mentored by
Bullet; White = Acquaintance 
Bullet; White Bullet; Green = Likes (Platonic)
Bullet; Green Bullet; Green = Friend
Bullet; Green Bullet; Green Bullet; Green = Best friend
Bullet; Green Bullet; Blue = Sees at parental figure
Bullet; Orange Bullet; Yellow = Minor crush
Bullet; Orange Bullet; Pink = Crush
Bullet; Pink Bullet; Pink Bullet; Red = One-sided crush
Bullet; Pink Bullet; Black = Resisting crushy feelings
Bullet; Pink Bullet; Pink Bullet; Purple = Major crush
Bullet; Pink Bullet; Purple Bullet; Red = One-sided love
Bullet; Pink Bullet; Pink Bullet; Pink = Love
Bullet; Red Bullet; Purple Bullet; Purple = Mates with
Bullet; Red Bullet; Pink = Former mates (Split up, not dead.)
Bullet; Pink Bullet; Black = Widowed
Bullet; Orange Bullet; Yellow = Annoyed by
Bullet; Red Bullet; White = Dislikes
Bullet; Red Bullet; Orange = Dislikes severly
Bullet; Red Bullet; Red = Hates
Bullet; Red Bullet; Red Bullet; Orange = Smoldering hatred
Bullet; Red Bullet; Red Bullet; Red =Absolute hatred
Bullet; Red Bullet; Black = Most hated cat
Bullet; Black = Dead

Maplepaw| Bullet; White Bullet; Green | Bullet; Orange Bullet; Blue
Browntail| Bullet; Orange Bullet; White | Bullet; Purple
Sagepelt| Bullet; Orange Bullet; White | Bullet; Purple

Remember, if your character is not comfortable with answering a certain question, they can choose to not answer it. 
Hello! 'Hi!'

What is your name? 'Creekfeather. And you are?'

How many moons old are you?  'About 17 moons. No, wait....18 moons. I'm still pretty young.'

I'm going to ask some questions. First up: Where do you come from? 

Do you have any family? Parents? littermates? 'Browntail, my mother, and Sagepelt, my father. I remember hearing from the elders something about another kit, but I don't seem to remember him....'

(For warriors ONLY) Do you get along with the other warriors well? 'Very much, yes. Although the warriors from other Clans are a bit....oh, what's the word I'm looking for.....stubborn? I'm not sure if that's exactly the word...'

What would you say is your best trait to give to the clan? 'My understanding of others' feelings in a situation.'

What would overwhelm you? 'I'm... not sure. I've never really thought about it.... I guess if someone I really cared about was hurt or killed.'

What would you do if you were lost outside of the clans? 'I don't know... Well, if it wasn't too far away, I'd try and find the mountains that SnowClan lives in. That'd be a good place to start, I guess.

What would you do if you were to see another clan's warrior drowning? 'Probably try to find something long that they could bite onto, like a twig or something.'

What would you do if you saw another clan's warrior on your land, paws dragging from starvation? '..... wow. Um, I guess, hunt some prey for them, and double whatever I catch to take back to camp.'

What would you do if you found one of your clanmates sneaking into another territory to meet another cat? 'Again, never really thought about it. I'd probably confront them about it, but probably let it slide for a while.'

What would you do if you saw a former clanmate banished from the clan on the grounds of being mates with another clan's cat on your land, half-starved? 'Help them, of course! I couldn't just leave them!'

That seems to be it! Goodbye 'Bye!'
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Do you want to RP with Glider?…
^Glider's app.sheet
(Maybe one of the concepts from the-quiet-warriors.deviantart.… ?)
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Sure! :3

Do you wanna do it in notes or comments?
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Cool :D Comments or notes?
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I was asking you.....

Notes, I guess
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:0 whoops. I'll note u the first bit of the rp
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Alright :3

I might take a while to respond though, because I might be leaving in a little bit. MIGHT
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Kk c:
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Er mah gerd she is so adorable!
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Hehe ^^
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Would you like to roleplay Maplepaw and Creekfeather together? :3
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Cool, comments or notes?
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Whatever you choose, I don't care
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Perfect! I'll add you to the list of characters. Also, remember to fill out the personality part. I'll give you your battle point set up for you to copy/paste into the 'insert' section once I get home.
Welcome to the clans!
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Alright :3
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Defense: 0/50
Attack: 0/60
Health: 100/100
Stealth: 0/70
Smell: 0/70
Hearing: 0/70
Speed: 0/60
Evasion: 0/80
Hunting: 0/90
Social: 0/100
Because your cat is a warrior, you'll get 70 points to split between each stat. Don't let a single stat go neglected, though, or your cat will never be able to do that thing.
(Example: Putting 0 points in the Hearing stat will make your cat permanently deaf.) 
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the RP?
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