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September 3, 2012
Stormrunner by ~silvermoonnw
Featured by Astralseed
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This started off as a random sketch on one of my Livestreaming sessions. I liked it, and hubby pointed out that I should do some clouds or something. So, here's clouds or something. Took approximately 40hrs of work from start to finish.

Technical information: 14x18" acrylics on board.

For sale, inquire for details.
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ElementalJess's avatar
Wonderful sky!! (And dragon, of course :D )
AnnaNicola's avatar
Oh, It looks like he loves flying so much :heart:
tigerlight98's avatar
its beautiful! you can almost feel the open air and wind!
TheHyperactiveSquirt's avatar
This piece reminds me of freedom...
SheepyStuffs's avatar
i just cried i love this so much no joke its superb, its...its amazing
realflow001's avatar
omg you have a deviantart account? :omg: AWESOME!!
silvermoonnw's avatar
realflow001's avatar
OMG you replied to me *dies from shock*
unicornfly's avatar
Lovely Lovely Lovely !!!!!!
Minthuu's avatar
Holy crap. Acrylics???
This is so simply gorgeous. It was most definitely deserving of a DD.
Ankoku-Flare's avatar
It's so graceful!
The cloud formation definitely add some depth to this. ^.^
saturnstrings's avatar
TechTaKitty's avatar
may i post this on my blog if i refer back to your deviant?
queenofdachickens's avatar
reminds me of the dragon riders of pern series.
Minthuu's avatar
God, I haven't read those in years... Anne McCaffery is an amazing author.
Sephinta's avatar
PeopleCanHear's avatar
Thats what my pet dragon looks like exactly!
Ranakanth's avatar
Congratulations on the DD! Your art is inspirational and it's great to see it recognized. :)
Amyundead's avatar
philippejugnet's avatar
dragon is missing 1 hand and it looks out if place because you are lacking on light sources. Why does it have a white border?
blackstar707's avatar
Positively stunning! Enough said. :clap:
bluebrothers's avatar
This loOKs like my abundant dreamlife. Amazing creature, vivid master of the opulent sky!
Amazing lesson that this is low budget acrylics on low budget board, inspiring!
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