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Gryphon Tarot: Threes Suite by silvermoonnw Gryphon Tarot: Threes Suite by silvermoonnw
Next set of Minor Arcana for my Gryphon Tarot card deck.
Three of Cups:
This card can signify parties, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, birthdays or a holiday dinner. What it signals most strongly, however, is being with those who are emotionally in tune with you and you with them. If this card comes up regarding a question about a new relationship, it usually means that you're either discussing it with friends/family, or introducing this new person to friends/family. You're taking the next step in strengthening your emotional bond with the person. That is to say, you're feeling serious enough about them to let them meet those who are important to you-and let those who are important to you meet them.

Three of Wands:
The person has invested their passion in something - a new career, a big move to a new city (remember wands signify travel as well), maybe they've even thrown their hat into a political ring - and now the energy they sent out is coming back to them. It is a card of progress, of the first hint that the dream can be made real.

This card also indicates that, like a woman holding her new born babe in her arms for the first time, or a politician hearing that the first round of votes are for him/her, the querent might rightly be feeling a little proud, even powerful. They might be warned, however, to not get too excited. Though there is a sense that positive results are coming in, they should wait till the ships have all appeared and docked before celebrating or boasting.

Three of Pentacles:

Three of Pentacles isn't really about being a master of your craft, and the Eight of Pentacles, when it's about apprenticeship, is usually about learning something new and different. So cards are not as out of order as they seem.

We will get to the Eight later, but for right now it's important to understand that the focus of the Three of Pentacles isn't on the craftsman. It's on the investors. We might well be reminded of two young men who created one of the first desktop computers in their garage. They weren't master computer-makers at the time, but their product caught the attention of investors and they were able to put their work and time into making more.

This is what the card is all about. The querent is or will be given the money or opportunity to nurture and develop something. A friend might give them funding, or their boss might give them more time to work on a project. Health wise, this card can also indicate positive results from a new exercise program or therapy. That initial bout of work has paid off.

Three of Swords:

With the Three of Swords, the querent usually senses that something is up even if they don't know what. A friend has been avoiding you, perhaps, or making strange excuses. Something is up, but no one will say what. It feels like everyone is keeping something secret from you. And you may even have your suspicions of what.

The Three of Swords indicates that it's going to finally come out. It will be hurtful, the words sharp, piercing. "I don't like you," or, "I want to break up," or "I'm in love with your best friend" (ouch!). But it will not be a bolt out of the blue. It may even be a relief to finally know. No more waiting, obsessing, wondering, worrying about what could be wrong. This cutting truth, however bitter and painful, allows all that tension and uncertainty to finally drain out. The querent knows how things stand, the truth about how they're seen by others. This development allows them to move on.

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