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Gryphon Tarot - The Star

By silvermoonnw
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The Star (XVII)

The Star is a card of hopes and aspirations, and is considered the guiding light of the tarot. Often considered the "wish" card of the tarot, some of the key words associated with The Star are hope, inspiration, generosity and serenity.

On the negative side, The Star is a very inspiring card, but is not a card of practical solutions, reminding us that dreams often fall far short of reality. Real world effort is required to make our hopes become a reality.

Technical information: Watercolors and gouache on board, 7x9".
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this tarot card looks wonderful. a really nice scene really nicely painted :)
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i hav ALWAYS wanted a picture with one of my winged fursonas to turn out like this! the light and shading is beautiful, each feather is amazing. i need to learn to do this!! holy shiz, i must learn *stabs the paper with a pencil* its not working...
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Practice,practice and study real animals and birds. How they move, how they stand, the muscles and bones beneath the skin. Knowing anatomy is important when you're attempting to draw a creature that isn't technically "real". Lightning and such are just as crucial though, I'm still learning myself.

And yes I do remember you from earlier tonight.
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ha, my art isn't that pathetic! XDD *starts laughing* yes, i am already pretty good at the muscle structure of the legs. the arms? sorta. just clothing.. agh i suck at clothing.. but i keep trying!.. and trying.. and i always look at the shading of things, i have an artists eye! (just like my mom)you saw her there at the fabric store too!! XDDD sorry just woke up.. i am horrid at getting up.. yah.. thanks tho, sorry i am objective. buuuuut, my teacher says i draw to much! he slapped the ruler on my notebook and said "no drawings in math class!" i'm all like "ok ok!! but is it a bad thing to improve my skills?! HMM?!!" and then he gave me the glare.. then i thought to myself: "i am getting a B+ in math! why cant i draw a lil bit?"
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Oh my..
These gryphon arts just stupify me. Great job on this one, too. ^^
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Another very gorgeous one! Out of curiosity, are you going to be offering the whole tarot gryph set as a deck or anything?
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Eventually that is my intention. I am slowly working my way through the Major Arcana, and when they are done, move on to the minor arcana.
It's going to take a couple years to get all the work done, but they will hopefully be available for purchase once all the art is completed.
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Great job! I like feathers and water)
But It seems to much light for night (@
silvermoonnw's avatar
Maybe, but if you read the description it fits nicely. Thanks for commenting =)
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A really great and lovely ArtWork :aww:
The environment is looking beautiful and peaceful :heart:
The gryphon is looking cute :meow:
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What a lovely art and stunning lighting. Really good job.
OpiumPhantome's avatar
Great job on the colours and details!
I just wonder-how do you make the colours so vivid?:heart:
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I use alot of washes initially to lay down the colors and shading bases, and then just build from there. I'm still learning how to use watercolors so this piece has been a real learning process in how the paint reacts.
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Oh,thank you :glomp:.
Excuse me for being nosey,I´m just trying to learn too.
silvermoonnw's avatar
No, you're not being nosey at all. Actually if you want to follow my WIPs and stuff, I have a blog going on for that where I explain more what I'm doing. The link is in my latest journal. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have to the best of my ability.
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this is absolutely stunning. I love that it is a tarot card!
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