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"May your Holiday season be filled with light, love and laughter"

My little drabble for this holiday season. I got the image stuck into my head and couldn't get rid of it.

EVE of course has to be a bit of a showoff and makes the light string glow.

Enjoy =)
Wall·E and EVE are copyright Disney/Pixar 2008
Image done by Kristen Buckner 2008.
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© 2008 - 2021 silvermoonnw
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Finjix's avatar
wow, exellent work on this one :w00t:
very cute :boogie:
AMA-R95's avatar
So beautiful! Must fave! =)
decemberdreams's avatar
its so adorable! i love how Eve is giggling! you really depicted their personalities well!
Floating-Away's avatar
B-E-A-U-Tiful. Wow, that's totally awsome, I really like your style. Keep on drawing my Wall-e/Eve pictures!!!
Kirbtaro05's avatar
*sniff* It's so beautiful... -w- I love everything :+favlove:
youcan619's avatar
jaja thats great i love that picture
WindieDragon's avatar
I love your crisp painterly style and how you use all those colors and still manage to unify them in the image :heart: hehe you even added the roach in there XD
sendoshin's avatar
I like the fact that you included the prongs on the plug to emphasize that the lights aren't plugged into anything, but rather that EVE is sending the electricity through them herself. Adds to the value of the work.

I can't even begin to imagine the amount of work it took to do this piece, but it turned out extremely well, and will probably end up on a card or two from yours truly. ^.=.^

- Sen
parallellogic's avatar
:w00t: That's totally awesome, and very impressive detail on the tree needles, the lighting really makes the difference. :XD: Awesome stuff :D
liajedi's avatar
That was a lovely movie.
4EyedBlonde's avatar
this is adorable!!! :heart:
MeiMeiBrownCoat's avatar
Aw, I love the colors that you used! It's so cute!
Warrior-of-Ruin's avatar
such a sweet painting :) really warms your heart when looking at it :)
love it :)
Dogman15's avatar
Great picture. I assume EVE picked out/found the tree herself?
silvermoonnw's avatar
Probably knowing her...hehe. Although I think the poinsettia was a gift.
Dogman15's avatar
To be honest, I didn't notice the poinsettia at first.
EmberGryphon's avatar
Oh, my goodness. x3 This is adorable.
DragonnessMekolai's avatar
Extremely cute and wonderful, I love how your colors turned out 83 transition from sketch to this finale is awesome <3
merry christmas ^^
Neok4's avatar
That's awesome! :D
RabidLeroy's avatar
^^ A very marvellous piece for the holiday season! You have worked on it very wisely! Excellent job, and best wishes for the season!
erikairi's avatar
aaww... It's so cute =3
gryphonworks's avatar
Awww! Once I fell in love with this movie I couldn't wait for the holidays since I knew I could look forward to many holiday themed pics, especially in regards to the Christmas lights strung up all over his truck. ^__^ Gorgeous lighting and details! Looks like they're both having a grand time. :) (I still want to make my own Wall-E holiday pic... I need to get off my lazy bum and start on it before it's too late!)

Great job!
silvermoonnw's avatar
This was an absolute blast to paint, although I got many a snicker from my hubby on the matter. And yeah, it was the lights that gave me the idea, but more so when EVE has the lightbulb in her hand. I was like "I wonder if..." Wall·E now occupies desk space, literally.
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