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I am currently learning Arduido, the 3D printer will have to wait a while. and finally :iconmrosog3: and I are working in a project that he was an idea of both of us, if yo are watching MrOsog3 you will see the WIPs.
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I know that I don't have a lot of watchers, but anyways, if you haven't noticed I had to leave photography because I had to dedicate that time to engineering stuff, since I am studying Electrical Mechanical Engineering, but I plan to start doing new things, since I've also been learning some stuff of electronics, digital electronics and arduino, and I'm in the process of learning 3D printing. I plan on buying my self a build-yourself 3D printer that works with an arduino, and since I already know how to make some 3D drawings with SolidWorks it will be easier to learn on how how to model on 3Ds max. Now I know that I'm not very artistic but with that I can work with my brother :iconmrosog3: he can help with the artistic modeling and I have all the technical parts.

That being said, I hope everything goes well.

ps I have worked on so many projects up to now, but since there probably not considered artistic, I don't show them here on deviant art.
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After some time (dont remember how long) I "left" because some tings where going bad and I didn't have enough time to be photographing stuff, but now I'll be able to photograph again.
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The event has come, Hurricane Jova is to hit Manzanillo soon and I hope everything will be fine. It has winds at the speed of 115 mph or 185 km/h and I'll be here waiting for it...
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Today was my first day enjoying my life back in Manzanillo, I went on a vacation trip with my family to Veracruz, so we went from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean and we visited lots of places a towns like Puebla, Necaxa, Arandas, Alamo, Tajín, Tuxpan, and some other more That I don't remember right now. Evething went out nice and I glad I'm back because I love Manzanillo more than any other place in the world.
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Finally after waiting all that time Tormenta arrived with the first rain and like the past years I got went by the rain (not intentionally), well at least it's here and I can already feel the temperatures cooling down, I'm already shivering... wait that's the AC! :lol:
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I am finaly out of school and out of high school too! Now I am going to the university and study my career!!
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Today is May 25th, accountant's day and the only reason I know that is because my high school is a technical high school and we learn the "basics" for being an accountant, but I'm not going to be an accountant.
Anyway Happy accountant's day!! xD
Yesterday, two friends, my brothers and I went to watch Pirates of the Caribbean on stranger tides in 3D, and it was awesome!! I could watch it again. And today at the Sea Scouts we where like pirates, we got in to some abandoned sailboats and we took anything that was useful. I took a small sailboat replica from 1814 and now its mine!! It's all mine!! anyway it was full of dust and stuff so I'm gonna need to clean it. whoooo!! pirates!!
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Yay!!! storm season is coming to Manzanillo!! :la: Every day it gets cloudier and cloudier, and the winds get stronger and stronger, and I love it, the feeling of Tormenta (it means storm in Spanish) getting closer.
Today we went snorkeling to a wreck ship, there were lots of fish of all different colors and sizes, It was fun and there were Terns, Brown Boobies and Frigatebirds flying all over and some went very close to me! It was great! we had our first day of school after spring break and I wish I had more vacations, but that's something you can't change... too bad=(
today we came back from Tlajomulco which is a town where I used to live. It's so calm there and there are a lot of birds, we needed to go there, to relax a bit from work and from all the tourists. Here in Manzanillo the beaches where like in the movie Rio, full of umbrellas of all different colors.
Today I've been doing nothing but making sure nobody of the people that come to Manzanillo get in the pool. Now I'm working as a guard although I don't look like one... anyway, if you wanna know more about Fallon house this is the the prize is a bit scary though.=)
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Today when I arrived at our sailboat in the sea scouts, I was the first one in there so I opened everything and I sat down near the mast, when suddenly I realized I was being watched by a Mangrove Swallow so I took several photos then another Swallow came and went in to a part in the main mast's boom and then came out and this happened several times and after a wile I realized she was building her nest, I was so cool and I stayed there watching her coming back and forth, bringing nest material.
Then Many came (the sea scouts guide) and after a while I told him about the nest and he said we needed to tell them good buy, that they cant stay. Ouch, it was as if someone had taken my heart and tore it in to pieces.
The good thing the nest is still there I'm pretty sure he has forgotten already, and now it is my job to make sure the nest is fine and that the eggs hatch, and I'll do what ever it takes to do so.
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WOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!  I just came back from the movie theater, and I saw Rio for the second time!! Hurray!! The first time I saw it in 2D I liked it a lot to just watch it in 2D so this time I saw it in 3D and it was even better!! I am sooooooooo happy!! =D I could watch it again... but I don't think my mom would let me again so I just listen to Rio's album over and over again!
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I got sick yesterday, and I got worse today and that's not all I went to Kung-fu today and training while being sick is very tough. I barley  made it home.
I got tagged by: :iconskytd:

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10 things about myself:

1)I work as a gardener and I want to be an Mechanical-Electrical Engineer
2)Some people say I'm a very interesting person, though I'm kind of antisocial
3)I used to play pokemon and my favorite pokemon was Absol
4)I have a feather collection (of the feathers I find)
5)I attack those who dare attack a bird
6)I like and train Kung-Fu, and I am currently yellow belt
7)My room is a mess
8)I have a wooden bow, 24 fiberglass arrows and 12 carbon fiber arrows that I DON'T use for hunting, unless I'm hunting hunters lol
9)Every time I find a dead bird, I take it and bury it in my front yard
10)I am kind of lazy and hard worker at the same time

I tag:
Umm... I cant tag anybody, this sucks... to be the first time I'm tagged and not be able to tag...
A few days ago, what I thought that could not be possible or that would not happen again, happened. A group of four parrots were flying through the city!! I thought they would never come back because of the urbanization and the Illegal bird capture which I happen to hate a lot, I I find them one day I'm gonna blow their building with lots and lots of gunpowder!
And I hope the parrots don't go away again because of them.
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Hurray!! I am now yellow belt in Kung-Fu, after all the training, I now get the results and now I'm aiming the orange belt. It took me four months and a half to pass fro white to yellow belt and three months from nothing to white XD.