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AoT - Fab Four

Recently (like last weekend) caught up on 'Attack on Titan' by re-watching series one [to remind myself of goings on] and watching series two.  As requested when asked who my favourite characters were in the show, here they be - with a "bonus guest star" in the background. XD

Been an admirer of three of these characters since they appeared in the first series and the other left an impression, safe to say, in the second series.  Those emblems though... not fun to draw individually... Perhaps in future AoT peeps will be in "casual attire". XD;

Reiner Braun, Annie Leonhart, Nanaba and Mike Zacharias pose for the camera, unaware of that peeking Colossal Titan in the background.  

'Attack on Titan' - Hajime Isayama
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Voice-of-Kujira's avatar
AAH this is perfect!! <333 I really love the colossal titan though X'D And Annie's expression- so perfect ahahaha Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2]

And yes I totally agree about the emblems >o<
SilverMonki's avatar
Yes.. those emblems.. Why couldn't they be simpler... ?! XD  I think from now on they'll be cartoon-ified to the point they look like clouds. XD

Aw thank you! ^-^  I should really draw more AoT one of these days. X3  With or without the LEIColossal. XD 
MariposaBullet's avatar
LOL! I can't take my eyes off of the Colossal Titan in the back with the sad, teary, puppy eyes. :XD: He's sad because the Fab Four didn't invite him in for the picture. :<

Nice to see Annie with a peace sign and smiling. Man, and I LOVE how Mike looks in this picture! Love his expression and his pose! ^^ Great job with this!
SilverMonki's avatar
Haha, I needed something to "fill the void" in the background and Mr. Colossal fit the bill.  Plus those eyes.. had to do it. :XD:

Thank you. :D  I'm not sure exactly why Mike turned out so well in this.. honest. :innocent:  Considering I redrew his pose seven times.. xD
MariposaBullet's avatar
You're welcome! ^^ That's completely fine, because Mike turned out fantastic, so your effort definitely paid off! You should be proud of yourself! :thumbsup: And don't worry, I often find myself redrawing poses a lot, and by that... numerously (up till the point I scrap it and come up with a different one).
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You know what they say, three thousandth time's the charm. XD
Perhaps on a subconscious level my brain put more effort into him than the others... *ponders*  I did enjoy working on him, that's for sure. *winning smile*

Yeah, oh man that happens all the time. XD  Too many times there's a pose that just won't happen no matter what we try.  Really annoying when it's an image in your mind and it just won't get drawn as you picture it.  I say that, but it's pretty much every single drawing I do... 
MariposaBullet's avatar
Yuppers! Grin Wave 

Yeah, I hate it when that happens. It's like we have a clear vision of the pose that we're trying to draw... we can see it, but when we actually try to draw it on canvas, we can't for some reason. :shakefist:
SilverMonki's avatar
Been saying to another friend that we need brain-printers so we can print out exactly what we see. xD C'mon technology, catch up!!
AndromedaDualitas's avatar
Awwh nuuuu! Sad Titan! D: Seriously though, the fact that you managed to make it look so adorable is awesome. :D
Great job! I love everything about this! <3
SilverMonki's avatar
Awhaha, I couldn't remove the LEI Titan at the end of it.. had to stay as he was drawn originally. XD  If he'd looked like that in the anime... :XD:

Thank you! :hug:
AndromedaDualitas's avatar
But what if ALL the Titans looked like that though?! O_O Man that would be either hilarious or weird or I don't even know. XD

You're welcome! :hug:
SilverMonki's avatar
It was a fleeting thought in itself. :XD:  
Oh wow.. if they all had big doe eyes and cat faces....  It could be awful but it could be therapeutic at the same time?  Death to the "kawaii" anime that's overflowing the anime circles of late? :devil:
StellarWind's avatar
... Dear gods, that Simpering Colossus in the background... Just wants to be a part of the party. xD

Nice work yet again ^^ I like Annie's expression - I know little of the character but every image I see of her makes her look like she's got a permanent "i'm surrounded by idiots" face - so yeah, this is entirely how I can picture her smiling - this sort of small smile while her eyes (which are instantly recognizable!) still very decidedly "Yeah, I'm surrounded by idiots, but these are -my- idiots". xD (But again, I don't know the character too well, so feel free to correct me!).

Also - Mike looks a lot better here than he does in the source material. Something about the show's native art style makes his face look a little too small for his head in the original series, alas - so your style brings out some extra awesome there. The other two look pretty great too. ^^
AegisKHAOS's avatar
Poor, poor Colossal Titan.  He needs more attention, and not the 'punch to the face' kind.
JutaWi's avatar
Reiner and Mike are my favs too ♥
You got yourself a collection of blondes XD
SilverMonki's avatar
Ha, I only noticed they were all blond when colouring it... xD 
Hallowie29's avatar
Yes!!! The finished version is so good!!! I can't believe that you drew Colossal peeking from the wall XD It reminds me of the Colossal Nendoroid pic I show you last night XD Hahaha! His eyes are so innocent and cute. 
The out come is just amazing as ever. I'm happy that you drew AoT pics. It makes me want to try to draw Chibi Titans sometime around X'Mas. Hehehe!
SilverMonki's avatar
Aw thank you dearie! :love:
Haha, yeah as I said to you when you showed me those Nendoroids, I had to bite my finger to not say anything about the background.. didn't want to spoil the surprise. XD;

Aha.. I wish you luck with your Advent project,.. and mind for that matter. :XD:  Secret, secret... <3
Hallowie29's avatar
Hahahaha!!!! XD That was a surprise attack! 
Anyway, I really like that Colossal Nendo...But it will be even better if he has the eyes, you drew,...innocent puppy eyes... XD
So cute...(>v<)

Hahaha! Thanks! I'll begin to design and prepare that project in Nov. Wish you good luck with your Advent Challenge too. Hehehe...Secret, secret...
SilverMonki's avatar
Haha aww. XD If I can find the right colours, perhaps I'll try and make my own chibi Colossal Titan out of Fimo and give him the puppy eyes. XD;  At first I was joking there but .. now I'm actually tempted! 

*nod nod*  What have we gotten ourselves into..? XD
Hallowie29's avatar
That's cool idea!!! XD Please show me if you do one!
Now I can see the image in my head of Colossal with puppy eyes in a giant adoption box out side the wall. How adorable! Hahahah!!!
SilverMonki's avatar
............ THAT needs drawn. :XD: Oh wow that is amazing.. sitting mewing at anyone and everyone. :lmao:
Hallowie29's avatar
Hahaha!!! In the series he is the second biggest titan. But in my head it tells me that I want to make him to be the smallest cutie Colossal. XD
SilverMonki's avatar
I can't stop picturing him in an adoption box... :XD:
"Free to very big home".
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