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A pretty quick fanart I made of :iconzack-sr:'s amazing comic 10%

Polarizing was, without doubt, my favorite character from that comic. Not spoiling the comic, I can only say that he's a very well-thought character...he really got to gain my empathy.

While this comic was nowhere near as mindfucking (and therefore easier to read and understand) as Secretary, it was a great story nevertheless. This was like Phoenix Wright in steroids, with badass fightscenes and some lot of hooka to back it all up.


That arc, when Quintent began to deal this super badass speech and managed to uncover Polar was...woah, how he reacted left me speechless. He...just dropped the facade. He revealed to be such a flawed character, full of guilt and denial, simply unable to accept the deed he, along with Rule, commited.
And when the panel just screams at you -DADDY- Man, I dunno, my heart just dropped...

I held sympathy for Meander, kind of. I felt him as the -WE ALL LIVE IN HARMONY- fellow...though he had a reason for that. A very, very sad one, alas.

Quintet was a great character too, smart, witty and with logic in her head, albeit a volatile temp, let alone courage to overcome the final obstacle.

Antagonists however, managed to take the spotlight away from the protagonists (aka. good guys) with their powerful lines. Such as Rule; his willpower and ambitions kept him going, and he was so hellbent on managing them. Goddamn, respec' man.
And Polarizing. He was such a very, VERY angry, VERY angry. But what he explained to Quintent, how he had preferred to unleash said energy by taking up the career as a medic that benefitted not only him, but the entire society. It was brilliant, worthy of respect and admiration. Selfless, like his goal to provide a better service to society through morally ambiguous means.

In short, I think that the two antagonists provided more material to brood about that the other guys, mainly because such opinions are condoned or antagonized by mainstream media and therefore becoming controversial and unknown to us.


Here, [link]
Make yourself a favor and read the entire comic; followup with Secretary...and, uh, Lycosa (which I'm currently reading.) I'll warn you, it's sorta graphic, VERY mindfucking, controversial and...well, simply put. EPIC AS HELL.
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This is excellent! Your style really fits Polarizing