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Hey, all. Silver here. And welcome to another edition of Silver’s Side Corner, where I give side thoughts about something that’s not in a review format. Now, as many of you know, one of my favorite childhood games is a series by the name of Blinx the Time Sweeper. I cannot tell you how many times I have replayed these games. I love them all to death! And with Blinx turning 15 this year, I decided I want to do a countdown about my favorite time-manipulating feline.

Now, music in a video game is one of the most important things to me. Music can just get you into that perfect mood, and Blinx is no different. Both games in the series have absolutely phenomenal music that I could just go back and listen to on repeat. And it just so happens that there are exactly 15 stage themes to talk about. Thus, this is my list of the top 15 Level Tracks in Blinx the Time Sweeper and its sequel, Masters of Time and Space.

Now, a few honorable mentions before we start, as these songs aren’t level themes but they are still amazing tracks from the two games. First one is the Stage Complete theme from the original Blinx the Time Sweeper, which is just absolutely beautiful. Definitely the best level completion music I have ever heard. Second are the shop themes from both Blinx 1 and 2, from both the Time Sweeper and Tom-Tom Gang sides. I love the nice little jingle that plays for the shop in the first game, and while it’s not as good in the second game, I do like that they remixed it to have a more jazzy feel. As for the Tom-Tom Shop from Blinx 2, I can’t help but like the tune of it. It’s pretty catchy, but doesn’t hold a candle to the original. Lastly, we have the main theme of the first game which is also the credits of the second game. I would hum this song for hours when I was a kid, and I always love hearing it play all the time! I remember beating Blinx 2 for the first time and hearing this music as the credits… it was so great. Anyways, let’s get onto the list.

Now, unfortunately I can’t have a top 15 list without talking about the bottom of the barrel. I’ll admit, there are a couple songs that I don’t really like, mainly from the second game, and honestly playing these songs might turn people away from the Blinx games as a whole. Case in point, the 2nd world from the 2nd game…

Number 15: The Ruins of Time (Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space, World 2)

Now, I will assure you that all 7 of Blinx 2’s themes will not be on the bottom of the list, but goddamn Artoon dropped the ball with this theme. I get that they’re going for an egyptian theme with this stage’s music, but the song just sounds so generic and boring, which is not something I expect in the Blinx game. It’s alright, I guess, but it does not hold a candle to the higher songs on the list.

Now, one thing that Blinx 2 did was allowed you to play both sides of the story, being both the Time Sweepers and the Tom-Tom Gang, the Time Pirates who were the rivals of the Time Factory. Unfortunately, the Tom-Tom levels, which relied on stealth, isn’t exactly the most fun thing to do when you’re in a 3D action platformer, as when I wanna go in guns blazing, I have to keep my distance and sneak past the guards. I never liked the Tom-Tom missions. I’m no Metal Gear fan, and this is definitely no Metal Gear, and yet they force the missions down your throats instead of just giving us 5 more Sweeper missions… but that’s not the worst part. This song plays during EVERY. FREAKIN’. TOM-TOM. LEVEL.

Number 14: Tom Tom Mission (Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space, All Main Tom-Tom Stages)

Ugh!! Y’know, I do like spy themes… I enjoy the James Bond theme, and some of the OST tracks from Go-Busters really put me in the espionage mood… but this song is so repetitive and bland that you can’t even serve jam on it to make it interesting! There’s no real excitement about this theme, and I honestly got really sick of it. Throughout the Tom-Tom missions, I was either hearing this, hearing the “get spotted” sound, or muting the music because I was so sick of the theme. It honestly made the Tom-Tom missions a chore to get through so I could get back to the good stuff that was the Time Sweeper missions. There is only one stage that I could say I enjoyed in these sections, but we’ll get to that one later as it has a different theme that’s higher on the list.

Now, let’s look at the first world of Blinx 1. Such an energetic sound, gets you excited, and keeps the time theme. What does the first world of Blinx 2 have? ...none of that.

Number 13: Half and Half World (Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space, World 1)

C’mon, Artoon, why’d you have to take out all the things that made the Time Square’s theme so great! It sounds like they halved the energy, made the melody not catchy at all, and severely limited the time theme for the song, making it sound more like a crappy metronome than a clock. The worst part is with both this and the past two songs on the list, the stages take forever to complete, going at around 20-30 minutes per stage! I usually try to speedrun this stage as best I can so that I can be done with this song.

Okay… negativity is over. The next 12 songs range from pretty good to godly amazing. So, how about we move over to a more watery area that actually has a pretty decent area to go through?

Number 12: Deja Vu Canals (Blinx: The Time Sweeper, World 2)

Man, this theme is so serene. The trumpets and xylophone play off each other pretty well, and it definitely fits the relaxing location inspired by the canals of Venice. While it’s a serene sound that makes you sound like you’re in the Italian city itself, especially when the accordion starts playing, it does give the energy that you need to keep going through the stage. Overall, it’s a fun song, though I feel the next 11 songs do it for me more.

Now, next up is another ruins level theme, but I definitely feel this has a lot more energy than the Ruins of Time and definitely plays more to the egyptian ruins theme.

Number 11: Temple of Lost Time (Blinx: The Time Sweeper, World 5)

My god, that flute is so good. Overall, the music as a whole give an energetic and mysterious vibe to the stage. From the “Bufo”s that play in the background, to the return of that sweet sounding xylophone. It makes you feel like a more whimsical Indiana Jones. Then again, you’re playing as a Feline Time Janitor who is trying to save a world from imploding on itself. I think it fits the theming.

Now that we’re getting into the top 10, you’ve probably noticed that, like with my Kamen Rider list, I usually only really go for songs that really get me energetic. While that is true, there are a couple slow songs here as well. Case in point, number 10…

Number 10: Hourglass Caves (Blinx: The Time Sweeper, World 3)

I don’t know what it is about this song, but I enjoy the slow sounds to it. Might be because it really fits the feel of the cool and peaceful caverns the stage takes place, but whatever. The music has a really smooth melody to it, which is only enhanced a couple minutes in with a beautiful orchestra playing along to the tune, giving it an even smoother and beautiful sound to it. Also, I kinda like the hip-hop vibes I get from it with the drum beat, which surprisingly meshes well with the song.

Now for a song that is more simple. If you were to ask me which of the 8 stages from the original Blinx was my favorite, I’d definitely have to say the Mine of Precious Moments. I love the aesthetic of it, feeling different enough from Hourglass Caverns despite the fact both take place “underground”, and the mine cart gimmick is pretty fun. Plus, the music is just fun.

Number 9: Mine of Precious Moments (Blinx: The Time Sweeper, World 6)

Unlike Hourglass Caves, the Mine of Precious Moments has this subtle energy to it from start to finish that gets you energized, compared to relaxing you. I think once again it’s that xylophone that supplies that whimsical feel, and honestly the energy it gives makes me think of a DK Mine Cart level, but more mellow. It’s a nice mix of being energetic, but also subtle about it. And thus, we have it at number 9.

Ooh, now we’re getting into the really good stuff. These next 8 songs are some of my favorite in any game ever. They have a nice little energy to them that just can’t be replicated in any other game. And starting off, let’s go back to some ruins, shall we?

Number 8: The Forgotten City (Blinx: The Time Sweeper, World 4)

Man, so much energy in this song! To be honest, one of my friends, Pikatwig, told me this song sounds like it’d fit in a Sonic game, and to be honest I agree. Then again, Blinx was created by Naoto Oshima, who was the original character designer for Sonic the Hedgehog and did help out on graphics and stuff for a few Sonic games before he formed Artoon, so it’s understandable. Anyways, this song just has that ancient civilization feel to it, with the synth resembling some sort of flute sound, and the percussion sounding like some ancient Aztec beat. And when the brass comes in during the second part of the song, it definitely gives you that “oh man, I’m hyped” feel that just pushes you through the stage.

So, you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t mentioned a Blinx 2 level theme since the beginning of the list. To be honest, while half of the main level tracks are pretty meh, the other ones are absolutely amazing. These songs are just so great to listen to that I just can’t help but love them. And starting out with these themes is number 7…

Number 7: Time Oil Well (Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space, World 5)

First thing I have to say about this song is I love the industrial sounds in the background. It really fits the theme of this level, which is essentially an oil processing plant in a lava world. The synth really seems to blend well, definitely making the song sound alive, as well as sticking well to the Blinx theme. It sounds kinda 80s to me for some reason, but whatever. Overall, it’s a great theme to listen to, fitting well for the final world in the game.

Now… let’s talk about one of the most irritating levels in Blinx… Everwinter. It’s another one of those ice worlds that kicks your ass with its slippery controls and BS, but here’s the thing… it’s the second to last world in the original game! This is definitely where the difficulty kicks into overdrive, so you’d better be prepared to buckle down in this world. At least the music is pretty good, though…

Number 6: Everwinter (Blinx: The Time Sweeper, World 7)

I don’t know what it is about ice levels, but they all seem to have such amazing wintery music to them. Everwinter, of course, is no different. With a nice whimsical feel to it, matched with the twinkling and smooth synth, it feels like you’re in a winter wonderland. Overall, one of the best ice level themes I’ve ever heard. Now, if only the stage were a bit easier…

Now, remember when I said there was only one Tom-Tom stage from Blinx 2 that I actually liked? Well, after you beat World 4 with the Tom-Toms, the game immediately throws you into two special stages before you move on to Time Oil Well. It starts off with you getting into the Tom-Tom HQ as your sweeper protagonist to free some of your fellow sweepers who were captured, but at the end it shows Benito and your Tom-Tom character leaving and they actually sneak into the Time Factory to steal a Big Crystal Fragment from the Sweepers. And the music? Well… I wouldn’t be talking about this if it wasn’t number 5.

Number 5: Time Factory Invasion (Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space, Special Tom-Tom Mission)

Oh man, this song! This song completely sh*yay!*ts on the main Tom-Tom Gang theme so hard, and I love it so much! Gone is the boring, bland “Mission Impossible” style theme and it is instead replaced with a high-energy, fast paced action song that definitely fits with the game. It makes you feel like one false move, and you WILL get caught. It also has a jazzy vibe that kinda fits with the Tom-Tom themes as a whole, and I really like that. Overall, I really just wish this song played more, though it is also one of the battle themes in multiplayer mode.

Now, since I talked about the penultimate level of Blinx, let’s talk about the final world before the final boss. The Forge of Hours is HARD!! Though, it’s not the kind of frustrating hard that Everwinter is. Sure, there is lava everywhere that you could burn your ass and a retry on, but it does feel really intense and exciting, as a final level should. You need to bring your A game to get through this world, mastering everything you’ve learned up to this point. And what’s there to accompany it?

Number 4: Forge of Hours (Blinx: The Time Sweeper, World 8)

As great of a theme Time Oil Well was, this theme just does it better. The syncopated beat in the background really gives, once again, and energetic tone to the song. The synth is also really on point, just adding to the energy the song has, getting you ready to move across gears and dodge lightning and lava to get to the goal at the end. Overall, this Forge has a pretty HOT beat. XD

Now we’re getting into the top 3, with the songs that I feel are the absolute best of both games. I love these songs so much as they’re just so exciting and amazing I can’t help but love all three of these songs. Though, 3 and 2 could really go either or, but I think I love number 2 more than 3 just a bit more. Though, without further ado, here’s number 3.

Number 3: Pirate’s Graveyard/Ice Caves (Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space, World 3)

Okay… while Everwinter was this serene theme, the song from Blinx 2’s Pirate’s Graveyard is just plain amazing. It still has that ice feel to it, but it trades serenity for intensity as you’re traversing through the icy remains of pirate ships and skeleton ghosts. The synth also gives this air of mystery to the place, really fitting to the theme of a icy grave. Also… that freakin’ guitar! It’s absolutely gorgeous. I love this song so much, but I find the other two songs a bit better.

So, remember how I mentioned that first world theme? Well, let’s talk about it now, shall we?

Number 2: Time Square (Blinx: The Time Sweeper, World 1)

Mario has World 1-1, Sonic has Green Hill Zone, and Blinx has motherfaizing Time Square! This song takes that time theme and runs with it, creating such an energetic piece that you just gotta love! The synth just oozes personality with this song, and it really just brings a great start to the beginning of your adventure! This is the kind of song that I can just listen to whenever to get me into a good feel anytime. I may be a bit biased, as this was one of the first level themes I had heard, as Blinx was one of the first games I ever played, but this song will always have a fond place in my heart. However, it’s only number 2. What could be number 1? Well, let’s find out.

Now, by process of elimination, you’ve probably guessed that this song is the theme from world 4 of Blinx 2, the Sky World. In general, nothing really stands out about this level. It’s not as ingenious or enjoyable as Time Oil Well or Pirate’s Graveyard, but there is one thing going for it… this is the most kick-ass theme I have ever heard.

Number 1: Sky World (Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space, World 4)

Oh my god, this song… where do I even BEGIN with this song?! This song just encapsulates everything that I love about the Blinx music! Great personality shown in music, energetic as all hell, a beautiful and serene melody, and overall just a fun song to listen to. One thing that really ties the song together is the piano, that makes the song sound like it’s dancing, as it matches along with the rhythm in the background. And the synth is once again on-point with this song! I. LOVE. THIS. SONG. SO MUCH~! I would play through Sky World a million times over just to listen to the beauty that is this song. It brings together everything I love about the Blinx games. A great personality and characters, fun and exciting worlds, a fantastic setting, a unique style of gameplay, and an environment that can touch the hearts of millions. So thank you, Blinx, for being there to kickstart my life as a gamer. No matter what people think of you, you’ll always be a hero in my eyes. Happy birthday…

Anyways, that’s all for this Silver Side Corner. There will be links down in the description that will allow you to listen to the tracks from Blinx and Blinx 2 as a whole, starting on my number 1 and number 2 picks. Go ahead and tell me what you think of them in the comment, and until next time this is Silver Maxus signing off. Stand up the Vanguard!
Well, since this year is Blinx's 15th birthday, I think it's only fitting that I give the childhood series that got me into gaming the recognition it deserves. Heaven knows Microsoft isn't going to do that. Special shout out to GameRaterAlpha on Youtube for supplying the tracks for people to listen to them.

Blinx 1 Soundtrack:…

Blinx 2 Soundtrack:…
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