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Une Marionette

By silverlimit
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Going back to the symmetrical look (even though it's REALLY not if you look hard enough) Started this last week and finally finished tonight. This is another huge drawing, drawn in ink pen, scanned in 6 sections & reassembled.
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this is awesome!!!!!
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How do you come up with these magnificent and beautiful designs? I would really love it if you could give me some pointers as to designing a Marionette-esque picture of my own, if you wouldn't mind...
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This is a very nice picture, thank you.
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Beauuutiful. :heart: I like how...well, actually, I just like everything. So I'll leave it at that. =D
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Reminds me of Ultimecia from FFVIII only this is cooler.
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silverlimitProfessional Digital Artist
Hey, thanks! I'm a big fan of the creature design from that game.
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whoa this stuff is awesome!!!
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the details are stunning o_O
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Wow. That's a lot of detail work on that...
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good job, but maybe a bit too busy
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Phantasm-D-LagosaStudent Digital Artist
Jebus, that's some detailed work! Very cool; definately a +Fav~!
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The detail and the lengths you go to to make these pieces never ceases to amaze. This one is truly epic :nod:
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You're too damn brilliant.
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I love how you kept from making both sides perfectly symmetrical. It gives the piece an organic feel.
If you just copied one side to another perfectly, it wouldn't have the same impact.

Great job!
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silverlimitProfessional Digital Artist
My thoughts exactly. Thanks for the input!
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i love how u give the sketches that slightly but noticeable.. but great Gradient effect.
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MaJoRoeschStudent General Artist
Holy cow what alot of detail.

Just one question. What is it?
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silverlimitProfessional Digital Artist
Your guess is as good as mine :)
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HakuramenHobbyist General Artist
Your drawings never cease to amaze me in its level of detail. Curious. Did you draw this solely with an ink pen to begin with? Great work.
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silverlimitProfessional Digital Artist
It's all ink pen from beginning to end. Sakura microns more specifically.
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rickcressenHobbyist General Artist
This reminds me of something from Illusion of Gaia, to be honest. o_o
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YeeHobbyist Digital Artist
damn it must take so long to draw in every single little detail. great job ^^
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