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Azurescent Angel

By silverlimit
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Been slowly working on this one for a couple of months. Everybody wanted a "sequel" to the Armored Angel, so this is my best attempt. I've spent more time tweaking this one than I have with any of my other tribals. Hope you enjoy :)
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RaykomaruStudent General Artist
its beatifull, my friend :3
hyacinth-kate's avatar
Love it! Very particular details... :D
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Love the colors! Wow you have a very keen attention to detail. :D
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I love the line art and use of negative space. it has a lot of energy to it. where does your inspiration come from?
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RoxyRooProfessional Traditional Artist
beautiful. I've imagined Seraphim to look a bit similar to this. ^^ (except with their faces hidden of course)
Angelikasan's avatar
AngelikasanStudent General Artist
its awesome :D
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It's very abstract, and incredibly creative---I love it.
hi-mizu's avatar
Love it. Though it's a little confusing at first.
Blackmoongoddessia's avatar
Blackmoongoddessia Photographer
I don't know what elese to say but...........its pretty fucking kewl !
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JAXMPStudent Digital Artist
i think my head just exploded
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LeandroGarelHobbyist General Artist
Rock and Rule, you know it
gogologopopo's avatar
cool!it looks lie something i have seen before??????!!!!
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e-meloProfessional Digital Artist
This gave me a damn good idea. how much is the comission for one like this?
silverlimit's avatar
silverlimitProfessional Digital Artist
Depends on the intricacy of the design. I'd probably do something like this for $50.
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wIZBURFHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love this kind of designs.
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nice... Good work dude. I love it!!
ancode's avatar
the sequence of colors is quite relaxing, and it have a complex design.
good work
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Sobii General Artist
Yeah, dude. I haven't got enough patience to work with Illustrator on top of the other shit that I do on a daily basis. So your tribals ALWAYS win. Love iiiittt.
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silverlimitProfessional Digital Artist
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YeeHobbyist Digital Artist
that would be so awesome as a tattoo *drool*
pfadfinder's avatar
i like the complexity of your work, good artworks needs time...great job
mithrandirff7's avatar
*whistles* Beautiful! There is lots of good motion in this piece; the way the longer lines on the outside sit, they almost seem to be teeming with ethereal energies! =D It leads my eyes to the center, which is a good thing because they look so different from each other... It feels fresh to look at. It's very delicate, very beautiful, and even though I really don't know what I'm talking about, I hope you understand what I was trying to say. ^_^;
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silverlimitProfessional Digital Artist
I get ya. Thanks a lot :) I spent most of the pre-planning for this making sure everything had the proper "flow". Glad that came off well :)
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It appears as if you really poured some time into this one. Great job.
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