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Train Sketch #8 - Pawn (Black)

By SilverLeon88
Black pawns are the Hive's low-rank artillery.
Slow moving but capable of long-range attacks by firing organic bullets, composed by the same material (with a different density) of the
White pawns' scythes.

Original alien species concept. I'd like to develop all the Hive ranks, next steps will be the Knights ;) (Wink)

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added to Sketches and concepts in Sci-fi Archives…
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0_0 I do not know which is more terrifying: your Chess Pieces or my legion 0_0 
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Ahahah maybe one day we will see a crossover starring the two factions :D
Folklore13's avatar
Ya may want to take a look at them first
Trust me on this one
SilverLeon88's avatar
I've seen them, that would be a good brawl XD
Folklore13's avatar
Yeah, especially since none of them have an range period bu the just have numbers 
Folklore13's avatar
wow dat sentence *face palm* the amount of misspellings ^^; 
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Ahahah don't worry :)
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Flamer of Tzeentch, coincidence?
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Yep, I've never heard of that before :)
After searching on the Net, I see that it shares some visual similarities with my Pawn, but I think that it also differs a lot in the concept and in some graphic peculiarities.
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Ewww. Now that's pretty creepy. A bit fungal-looking.
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Yep, it was my intention to keep some sort of parasite appearance.
I still won't spoil the reason behind this point, but I can anticipate that going up with the ranks this amorphous look will be less marked in favor of a more humanoid semblance.

Just stay tuned! ;)
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Interesting design
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Glad you like it :)
As anticipated in the description, I'd like to define all the Hive ranks...just wait ;)
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Looks very scifi. Cool
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Thanks, both for the comment and the fav!
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