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Sketch #11 - Rook (White)

By SilverLeon88
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"White Rooks are colossal creatures endowed with incredible endurance and physical strength, which let them to easily overwhelm conventional attack and defense systems.
A White Rook's charge is practically unstoppable, holding the potential to raze entire cities."

The Hive's getting bigger and bigger! :D

Other "White division" offsprings:
Pawn (White)
Knight (White)

Don't forget to browse my gallery for their Black brothers-in-arms AND to follow me also on my Facebook:…

P.S. like all my previous OCs, also this one belongs to me.
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That's a neat monster.
SilverLeon88's avatar
Glad you like it :)
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Absolutely GORGEOUS design! :dummy: :love:
I adore the detail in the shading in this, and also how the creature seems to have a slightly humanoid shape yet also arthropod-lime features, I love the look of the exoskeleton it appears to have, which really goes with the feeling of power and almost invincibility the creature seems to exude, even in the pose there seems to be a feeling of dominance.

I love the flanges on the arms, and how they could be used to destructive effect - they also make it look like a fusion of creature and architecture, like some elegant structure which is also deadly when in motion. Very impressive indeed.

Love the little touches too, like the cracks around the fists, which really add to that sense of strength and destruction, and the way the head shape reminds me both of an outlandish helmet and a thorn bug at the same time. <3

Great design and also a great portrayal of it, lovely work indeed! :clap: :wow:
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As usual, thank you very much for both the fav and the comment! :D
I really appreciate when someone spends some time to tell me what my drawings communicate to him/her and what he/she liked more :)
Vannjaren's avatar
Ah, no problem at all! :D
And I enjoy leaving comments, and indeed, it's a lot more helpful when people leave detailed feedback as to WHY they liked something instead of just saying that they liked it, it gives a lot more encouragement and tips, and also makes the drawing feel more worthwhile. ^^
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Yeah, that's exactly how I see it :)
SilverLeon88's avatar
Glad you like it :D
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alot of people like! ^^
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Have you thought of how big this Hive is??? 
Cause I am legit curious how many there are total (pretty sure they follow the same rule as Normal Chess pieces which is 4 pawns to every one of the Rook/Bishop/Knight cause you did say the Pawns are the most numerous one (at least i think so)) 
SilverLeon88's avatar
Well, at the moment I'm not sure on how many Rooks and Bishops there will be, but I foresee multiple units for the Knights and, primarily, the Pawns. And when I say "multiple units", I mean really A LOT of them...after all, I nicknamed this breed "The Hive" ;)

What I can tell (almost) for sure, is that there will be just one Queen and one King at the top of the chain food.

And thank you for both the comment and the fav, glad you're interested to my works :D
Folklore13's avatar
Also about how big is the White Rook? 
same size as the Ba Sing Se Wall (100 Meters) or below 100 feet?
SilverLeon88's avatar
At the moment, I've in mind 100 meters tall White Rooks (approximately).
Folklore13's avatar
So basically as tall as my Siege Ender granted that thing fights a Siege Ender it will lose Regardless (that thing explodes when it dies and basically nothing surrounding it will survive, not even a Titan from AoT) 

Though it would be able to take down the Earth Colossus very easily given that they are the same size as well but its not as bad as the Siege Ender
SilverLeon88's avatar
Well, a double KO would be a draw XD
Folklore13's avatar
though if it was multiple Rooks versus the Siege Ender then it would not be a Draw 
though in a straight up war no bases or anything the Siege Enders would not be there. Though at your guys home base they would be there to blow a hole in whatever structure there is XP 
SilverLeon88's avatar
Rooks usually operate on their own, so it would be difficult to engage more than one of them at the same time Wink/Razz
With regards of my guys home base...well, also in this case it's "just wait" ;)
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So then one White and One Black then?

Also I was meaning do they number in the millions, billions or trillions?
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I was thinking of the Pawns in the order of millions, but I have to better evaluate this thing, especially to make it compatible to the way these offsprings come to life and with the consequent impact that their number would have on the story.

With regards of Queen and King: it's far too early to go on with further spoilers, just wait ;)
Folklore13's avatar
:thumbsup: aight ^^ Can''t wait to see the rest of them 
SilverLeon88's avatar
Folklore13's avatar
I will ^^ 

oh also these plus just seeing some American Megee's Alice Chessmen has just gotten me to....... okay basically I'm gonna be making some Chessmen of my own but Minus the Kings and Queens and there are also Red Chessmen 
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