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Sketch #10 - Knight (Black)

By SilverLeon88
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"Black knights move floating at various heights from the ground.
The bulges under the "cap" are the organic equivalent of bombs, that the knights can release in a similar way to bombers. Once dropped, it takes some time to grow these weapons back.
In order to take down enemies, black knights may also cling to them and self-destruct."

...and with this, the Hive completes also its Knights :D

Here you can find the White Knight.

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P.S. like all my previous OCs, also this one belongs to me.
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© 2015 - 2021 SilverLeon88
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I'd certainly steer clear of such a creature.
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That would be wise XD
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Glad you like it :)
This work is part of the Hive series, I'm trying to build up an alien nest ;)
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I see. Nice work :)
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:frightened: So good it doesn't exist in RL.
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Very nice work indeed - like your last work, it's both well designed and well drawn. I love the contrast indesign between the black knight and the white knight - I didn't know what to expect with this one relative to the last, but I love how different this is. I like how it reminds me of a jellyfish yet still looks distinctly different - love how this one is primarily a less 'physical' design than the white knight, and I also find the self-destruct idea a very cool one - it reminds me very much of a species of termite in which the soldiers self-destruct rather than fighting their enemies - and in doing so coat their enemies in their own sticky entrails. :'D (yeah, I'm a bit of a bionerd ^^')
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Once again, I thank you for the detailed appreciation, I really like it :D

I'm really interested in curious animals as well, nature in general is one of the main inspirations to my works!
By the way, have you already seen my Deep Blue Dragon, which design is based on Glaucus Atlanticus? :)
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No problem at all, you're very welcome! <3
And I can really see that - after all, there's nothing more inspiring than science! :dummy: And oooh, that's a very cool design indeed, beautiful work, plus glaucus atlanticus is just such a fascinating and beautiful animal, nice choice indeed, I think it lends itself very well to a dragon design indeed. ^^ :D
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Yeah, it's an amazing animal :D
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Indeed, I definitely agree. ^^
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interesting design sir :D
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Glad you it, feel free to take a look to the other Hive offsprings in my gallery :D

...and you can also find a preview, still unposted on DA, here… ;)
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