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Queen Agent White_Reaper

"These amorphous crawlers are strictly connected to the Queen, acting as direct subordinates that protect the correct execution of her plans for the Hive colonization.
The lack of visible fungal protrusions may suggest a different birthing process with respect to the other Hive's offsprings."

Here we go with the white branch of the Queen's "personal assistants", that represent the first deviation from the regular chessboard pieces :)

Regular White offsprings:
Pawn (White)
Knight (White)
Rook (White)
Bishop (White)

Don't forget to take a look to their Black counterparts AND to follow me also on my Facebook for previews and additional contents:…

P.S. like all my previous OCs, also this one belongs to me.
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Dec 23, 2015, 6:51:40 PM
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Hmm. Not creepy at all. No nightmares shall be had tonight. Not at all.
Well done, I luv eet.
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Beautiful work and a great design! :dummy: I love the more amorphous look here, and how the motion seems to be conveyed so well here, love the little fragments of ground which really give the impression of the speed of it breaking through the surface! :clap:
And indeed, I noticed that it looked rather more smooth compared to the other designs, perhaps it does indeed suggest a different origin for these organisms than others in the hive... ^^
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Thanks a lot my friend, glad you like my work! :D
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You're welcome, as always! :D
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Sorry. OC folder in DA-Gamers is for OCs relating to video games.
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No problem and sorry for the misunderstanding :)
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No worries, mate. Good artwork, though. 
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Great concept and drawing.
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Thank you very much!
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