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Queen Agent Black_Abductor

"Abductors' task is to collect the organic material needed for the growth of the Hive's ranks.
The lack of visible fungal protrusions may suggest a different birthing process with respect to the other Hive's offsprings."

The black counterpart of the Queen's pets :)

Regular Black offsprings:
Pawn (Black)
Knight (Black)
Rook (Black)
Bishop (Black)

Don't forget to take a look to their White counterparts AND to follow me also on my Facebook for previews and additional contents:…

P.S. like all my previous OCs, also this one belongs to me.
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Feb 9, 2016, 6:23:35 PM
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Thank you very much, feel free to take a look to the other Hive's ranks :D
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Golly. That is a rather imposing creature.
SilverLeon88's avatar
Glad you like it!
Lersso's avatar
Looks like a Grick from Dungeons & Dragons.
SilverLeon88's avatar
Googling that I can actually see some resemblances :)
Anyway, thank you very much also for the fav and the watch!
AWRowland's avatar
Delightfully horrific and wonderfully Lovecraftian. I give it two big thumbs up...right before running for another zip code.
SilverLeon88's avatar
Ahahah thanks a lot, glad you like it!
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Nice shading and lineart!
SilverLeon88's avatar
Thank you very much :)
lillithberose's avatar
pork-chops's avatar
Nope nope nope
-outta here brah-
galaatear's avatar
Worm like creature are awesomeness !! XD I love her design indeed !
SilverLeon88's avatar
Glad you like it :D
Vannjaren's avatar
Ahhh, nice! ^^ :D Love the cracked effect around where it emerged, very well drawn indeed! The shading on the creature itself is beautifully done and very 3D and realistic, and I like the overall smooth and simplistic appearance of this design, I think it fits the rank of a sort of worker-status creature - functional and practical for its job but not overly showy or extravagant. Nice work! :highfive:
SilverLeon88's avatar
Thank you, my friend, I really appreciate your support! :)
Vannjaren's avatar
Ah, no problem, you're welcome as always! ^^ :D
O3O 10/10 would snuggle~
SilverLeon88's avatar
As you wish, but I suggest a certain carefulness XD
Also, thank you very much for both the fav and the watch :#1:
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