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Bishop (White)

By SilverLeon88
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"White Bishops are elitarian close combat fighters.
In battle they distinguish themselves for their nimble and explosive movements, that combined with their peculiar "hook" make them deadly.
However, most of their fights are short-lived: a top thermal vision allows them to localize the focal point of enemies, giving them a very high chance to defeat their opponents with a single hit.
There are only theories about the function of the "wing", which remains currently unknown."

Here we go with the first Bishop! :D

Other "White division" offsprings:
Pawn (White)
Knight (White)
Rook (White) 

Don't forget that commissions are open AND to follow me also on my Facebook for previews and additional contents:…

P.S. like all my previous OCs, also this one belongs to me.
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Bishops like to attack from anglesNuu 
go for the side, they can't defend there side'sGiggle  
SilverLeon88's avatar
Well, you're free to try :D However, better be careful XD
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Ahhh, awesome work! :love: :heart: :clap:
I adore how elegant and agile this design looks - and how it is clear that the strength of this creature is not in its brute force but in its speed and accuracy, I like that look a lot indeed! :dummy:
I love how the pose echoes that, and the foreshortening gives a real sense of accuracy and also implies the speed of movement of the creature too, as if that energy is emanating from it. Great job on the shading and texturing too, love the variation between smooth and rough here, it shows very nicely and goes very well with the design.
The hook reminds me a bit of a mantis too, very cool design indeed! ^^
SilverLeon88's avatar
Once again, thank you very much for the appreciation! :)
Vannjaren's avatar
You're welcome! ^^ :D
DeusJet's avatar
That claw really makes this design even MORE awesome! 
SilverLeon88's avatar
Glad you like it! And thanks a lot also for the fav and the Llama :D
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Holy shit these are great interpretations of chess pieces! I love the Knight, but how come he's just a horse? I always thought the Knight represented a Knight on horseback.
SilverLeon88's avatar
Well, my intention is not exactly to reinterpret the chess pieces: the idea is to create an alien army and, as the chessboard sum up pretty well the various fighting divisions, I'm using the pieces as a guideline.
However, it's pretty likely that there will be some little "deviations" from the regular ones we're used to =P (Razz)

With regards of the Knights, they are typically represented as Horse heads. This gave me the idea to design these particular offsprings giving them animalesque features, also in order to make them more recognizable and avoid concept redundancies with other ranks :)

Sorry for the long answer, but there were some aspects that I'd like to highlight You talk too much!
And, above all, thanks a lot for the fav and the comment! If you are interested in the next offsprings just stay tuned ;)
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I will. These are pretty sweet, are you going to design a completely different black chess set as well?
SilverLeon88's avatar
Most of them are already here:
Pawn (Black)
Knight (Black)
Rook (Black)

Also, the next piece will be the Black Bishop :D
galaatear's avatar
The lack of facial features make it extremely creepy to me OMG He has an awesome design though!
SilverLeon88's avatar
Well, their whole life cycle is something creepy...but it's still way too early to unveil further details ;)
Anyway, glad you like it and thanks a lot for all the fave! :D
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Great work again!
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