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Bishop (Black)

By SilverLeon88
"Black Bishops are the Hive's sharpshooters.
Their combat style is more slow-paced compared to the
White Bishops, but still maintain the major mobility amongst all the Black division units.
Black Bishops' organic crossbow can shoot at different speed and force, through the pneumatic action of the lateral "pistons"; in most of cases, their top thermal vision make them able to hit directly the enemy's focal point, ending the fight with a single shot.
The function of the "wing" is currently object of mere speculations."

Here we go with the second Bishop!
This will be the last regular piece following the white/black binomy, stay tuned for the upper ranks :D

Other "Black division" offsprings:
Black Pawn   
Black Knight
Black Rook

Don't forget to take a look to their White counterparts AND to follow me also on my Facebook for previews and additional contents:…

P.S. like all my previous OCs, also this one belongs to me.
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Cool and creepy, I can dig that.
SilverLeon88's avatar
Thanks for the appreciation :)
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I love the shading on all your work. It's wonderful.
SilverLeon88's avatar
Thanks a lot, glad you like it!
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Ahhh, lovely work and design! :love: :clap:
*late comment, sorry ^^;*
Anyway, I love your shading and texturing here, I do definitely see the forms becoming more humanoid. I like the stance here and there's an overall ominous aura to this one. I like the design of the organic crossbow, and I like how you didn't go for an obvious action pose here, ready to shoot... I think it works well here, and shows off the overall design nicely. ^^ :D
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No problem, you're always welcome :)
In fact I had initially thought to depict the Black Bishop in a more dynamic pose, but in the end I opted for something that could represent better its calculating persona.
And thanks a lot for both the kind comment and the fav! :D
Vannjaren's avatar
Ah, thanks!
And ah, interesting, I'm glad you went with this pose since it does indeed suggest a more calculating side, and shows a hint of more intelligence compared to something that's just 'all guns blazing'. A very nice and clever choice. :D
And no problem at all! :highfive:
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