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383-Some Colored Laura Stuff




Good ol' Monica released some doodles in one of her latest deviations >>>.

And as usual I asked her permission to color some of them. Now the quick description of each (according to me of course)

1. I choose this one since it was so cute to have her wearing her father's cap, not to mention the courageous attitude more suitable to her mother or uncle, while she's recieving some parental advice. And face it, Luigi would be a better dad than Mario.

2. Daisy, there are some other Daisy doodles on the page, but this one was the only one showing her in full body. It was interesting to see her in a sleeveless dress and without her crown. Not to mention that I wanted to try a new color pallete for her.

3. Laura again, this expression was too interesting to let it pass...

4. And this one was too damn cute, face it, would you say "no" to that face?, if you can, you're not human or/and have no heart!
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I simply adore the way you shade!!! :iconiwantitplz:
Really makes the artwork so smooth! :D
Terrific job! :iconclaplaplz: