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Forgotten Lies (Read Description [SPOILERS]) by SilverKunoichi1212 Forgotten Lies (Read Description [SPOILERS]) :iconsilverkunoichi1212:SilverKunoichi1212 1 0 Basically Me by SilverKunoichi1212 Basically Me :iconsilverkunoichi1212:SilverKunoichi1212 1 0 Memories by SilverKunoichi1212 Memories :iconsilverkunoichi1212:SilverKunoichi1212 1 0
Edgified Game Boys
NOTE: Please know that this story is not canon at all. Raven is currently busy with other artist business, so she can not write the canon story. I would like to ask all of you to not take this seriously. Thank you.
“...hmm...what happened…?” Gamer questioned as he slowly, but surely opened his eyes. He tried to move, but he felt something tight around him. “Gamer! Thank god! I thought you’d never wake up!” A familiar voice cried to Gamer with worry. Gamer turned his head to the left, and saw Ghost tied to a pole. “In case you were wondering on why I didn’t escape, whoever tied me up put salt on the ropes.” ‘well that would explain that.’ Gamer thought as he struggled in his own ropes. “DON’T EVEN TRY IT, YOU RAT! THE MORE YOU STRUGGLE, THE TIGHTER THE ROPES GET!” Gamer automatically froze in fear at the voice, a terrifying voice that came from his childhood. “so boss, ya sure that this poti
:iconsilverkunoichi1212:SilverKunoichi1212 1 8
Catnip Seal
“Heh heh heh hun. This out to be good.” Designer giggled nonchalantly as she pulled out a ghost seal. She sneaked up on her old crush’s cousin, Ghost, as he was playing on the Nintendo Switch. Her old crush, Gamer, told her that Ghost acted like a cat high on catnip when he wore a ghost seal. Designer found it as a good pay back on Ghost after the prank he pulled on her last week. ‘So...many...whoopie cushions.’ Designer thought with a shiver. She then shook her head and focused on the task at hand. As Ghost got off the Switch, Designer stuck the seal on his face. “WHAT THE...why is...mind feeling...fuzzy…?” Ghost barely had any time to react before the seal worked its effects on him. His eye lights turned into swirls as he wore a goofy smile. “Pretty colors~” Ghost slurred as he pointed to Designer’s face. He then took a step forward, and fell on his face. “Hi, fuzzy-wuzzy creature~! How are you doing today? I
:iconsilverkunoichi1212:SilverKunoichi1212 1 8
Ariaore by SilverKunoichi1212 Ariaore :iconsilverkunoichi1212:SilverKunoichi1212 3 2 Perseverance 1 Left (Disbelief Contest Collab) by SilverKunoichi1212 Perseverance 1 Left (Disbelief Contest Collab) :iconsilverkunoichi1212:SilverKunoichi1212 5 2 Bisexual Ally by SilverKunoichi1212 Bisexual Ally :iconsilverkunoichi1212:SilverKunoichi1212 2 3 Pride Month: Hitosexual by SilverKunoichi1212 Pride Month: Hitosexual :iconsilverkunoichi1212:SilverKunoichi1212 1 0 8th Grade Greenwhitetiger by SilverKunoichi1212 8th Grade Greenwhitetiger :iconsilverkunoichi1212:SilverKunoichi1212 4 0 Arial Narra Redesign by SilverKunoichi1212 Arial Narra Redesign :iconsilverkunoichi1212:SilverKunoichi1212 3 2 Swap!TMNT: Dee Dee Reference by SilverKunoichi1212 Swap!TMNT: Dee Dee Reference :iconsilverkunoichi1212:SilverKunoichi1212 3 0 Underswap Arial Narra by SilverKunoichi1212 Underswap Arial Narra :iconsilverkunoichi1212:SilverKunoichi1212 3 2 Art Trade: Precious Snowflake by SilverKunoichi1212 Art Trade: Precious Snowflake :iconsilverkunoichi1212:SilverKunoichi1212 4 2 Anniversary Gift by SilverKunoichi1212 Anniversary Gift :iconsilverkunoichi1212:SilverKunoichi1212 5 0 Soul Color Girls: Purple Perseverance Outfit Ideas by SilverKunoichi1212 Soul Color Girls: Purple Perseverance Outfit Ideas :iconsilverkunoichi1212:SilverKunoichi1212 1 0



Forgotten Lies (Read Description [SPOILERS])
“So we all know how Arial Narra came to be. A young girl named Lavada Mackenzie Wójcik was trying to make her sick mother, Gizela, feel better by making her a beautiful drawing of a sunset. Suddenly, the ground underneath Lavada collapsed and she was captured by evil scientists...wait. This isn’t the story you wanted for her? should have thought of that before you gave her to me, RaeJ.”
Short Explanation Here (WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD!):

Link to Speedpaint:
Undertale AU: Soul Color Girls Book 1- Supernova
A year has passed since Frisk freed all the monsters from the Underground and saved both Chara and Asriel. There has been no resets ever since then. But when W.D. Gaster senses a new anomaly in the timeline, he gather a group of girls who have absorbed fragments of the human souls. He has found six girls so far. Will Frisk, Chara, Vanitia, Undyne, Alphys, and Arial Narra find the two final girls before the anomaly takes over the timeline? Or will the monsters be forced to go back to the Underground forever? Find out in Undertale Soul Color Girls!
This is an AU I came up with after I came up with a fanfiction for NaNoWriMo. Yes, I realize that :iconyoshachu: made a similar AU. But I came up with this before I figured that out. And there's a few differences:
-Chara is a Soul Color Girl.
-Gaster and his followers are brought back to life.
- Both Chara and Flowey share half of Chara's soul.
-The main villain is able to corrupt anyone (except for the Soul Color Girls) into Lost Souls.
-Vanitia (Monster Kid) is a girl and Alphys' cousin.
-Vanitia's parents are dead and Gaster's Followers are her guardians.
So here are the superhero titles.
❤️Ruby Determination- Frisk Dreemurr
🖤Bloodstone Determination- Chara Dreemurr
💛Amber Bravery- TBA
💛Citrine Justice- Alphys
💚Jade Kindness- Undyne
💙Aquamarine Patience- Vanitia
💙Sapphire Integrity- TBA
💜Amethyst Perseverance- Arial Narra
If you want to enter an OC for Orange Bravery and/or Blue Integrity, here are the requirements:
*Amber Bravery and Sapphire Integrity must both be humans.
*They both have to be girls.
*Amber Bravery must be 8-12 and Sapphire Integrity must be 14-18
One more thing, I am going to make a video game for this after I learn about Digital Art and Animation. Once I get started, I will need voice actors for the characters in the game. I will soon post a list of the characters. And whoever can guess the main villain for Book 1, I will give you a free UNDERTALE request. That's it for now! 🙂
Welp, after a few months of no new deviation I finally uploaded one. This is a poster to promote a story from Soul Color Girls. This was an entry for The Grotesque Contest on Undertale AU Amino. I don’t really want to put a mature feature on this, but I might have to.

Link to Undertale AU Animo Post:
Check out this raffle! (Not mine)
The original deviation has been deleted



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

As you all probably know from my previous status update, I've been busy over on Undertale AUs Amino. I've also been working on a contest for my AU, Soul Color Girls. I figured that most of you probably don't have the Undertale AUs because you don't feel like installing it. I don't want you to miss out on my contest, so I decided to tell you all about it on DeviantArt. To read more about it, click here. 🔽 Color Girls Design Contest (Read Description) by SilverKunoichi1212


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I'm just a innocent teen girl that wants to enjoy the world! Check out my speedpaint channel in the link below.…

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