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Fate Shenanigans - Caster Alexander Hamilton Asc 3

NP: The Federalist Papers - Setting The Ideals Of The New Nation (Multi-Target - Party)

DEF Buff, Damage Cut, Increased ATK/DEF against Neutral alignment (3 Turns)

The Federalist Papers is a series of essays written for the purpose of defending the freshly formed United States. With the help of James Madison and John Jay, a total of 85 essays defending the Constitution were written. Hamilton himself wrote almost two-thirds of them by himself.

In legally defending the American Constitution, Hamilton became one of the "Founding Fathers" and one of the most important figures in American history.
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We need more Fate OC's who are related to the US history.

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Agreed. As I recall, the only ones we have are Geronimo, Thomas Edison, Billy the Kid.... and I think Neil Armstrong, but we never got to see him in action.