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My freind, Zephleit got banned. Over the years he inspired many artists, he accumulated 5000+ watchers and over 1 million page views, now it's all gone. This make me noticed that recently lots of homoerotic artist got banned from DA, one by one, including some great artists like mazjojo and zamius. Their banning is just one part of a disturbing trend on DA where homoerotic and male focused artwork and artists are being expunged and silenced. It's very unprofessional, very hostile and it needs to stop. I'm really really disappointed at DA... and I don't know for how long I can stay in DA community? Maybe it'll be the next victim...

Sign up this petition to help my friend:… If it can get a considerable amount of signatures then we can show it to the administrators and get Zephleit back and running to where he was at. 

Thanks and hopefully we can pull this off and make a difference !
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Sorry for all the late respond. I’ve been really really sick the past few days because of food poisoning, so I’ve been mostly lying down and dying resting, but I think I’m getting better now and i can start working on the next drawing very soon. So... stay tune :)
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