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By silverjow
Sorry for all the late respond. I’ve been really really sick the past few days because of food poisoning, so I’ve been mostly lying down and dying resting, but I think I’m getting better now and i can start working on the next drawing very soon. So... stay tune :)
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Hoping you’re feeling better everyday.

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i know u will get better soon :D * hugs * :3 =w=
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Hope you're doing better today!

Get well soon.
hope u feel better fast.
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I hope you get to feeling better bud. I'd just focus on getting well soon, taking in decent amounts of water usually helps me when I am sick so try that too. I added you a few weeks ago and I have to say your art has a great appeal and beauty to it.
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Get well soon ! *Magical Healing Hugs*
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Aw you just worry about getting better. :) *gives chicken noodle soup* ^^
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hey I relly hope you're on the mend. food poisoning sucks so much. I am praying for you to have a nice recovery =)
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I hope you'll get well soon.
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I hope you do well... 
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Get the Hell well!
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Get well soon!
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:hug: get well soon
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Can't wait, get better soon! :D
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Take your time and be careful with the things you eat.
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Get well soon big guy. *hugs*
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Urf get well soon!
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Oh my. Get well soon!
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It's okay =)
Get well soon!
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Get well soon man ^-^
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