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By silverjow
My freind, Zephleit got banned. Over the years he inspired many artists, he accumulated 5000+ watchers and over 1 million page views, now it's all gone. This make me noticed that recently lots of homoerotic artist got banned from DA, one by one, including some great artists like mazjojo and zamius. Their banning is just one part of a disturbing trend on DA where homoerotic and male focused artwork and artists are being expunged and silenced. It's very unprofessional, very hostile and it needs to stop. I'm really really disappointed at DA... and I don't know for how long I can stay in DA community? Maybe it'll be the next victim...

Sign up this petition to help my friend:… If it can get a considerable amount of signatures then we can show it to the administrators and get Zephleit back and running to where he was at. 

Thanks and hopefully we can pull this off and make a difference !
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I wouldn't call your art homoerotic because there are women that are homosexual also. I consider it quite funny. I am straight.
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you can categorize ALL my art in your own little boxes all you want. 
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My box is bigger than yours, but whatever. You're drawings are quite funny stuff. Very tongue in cheek-ish. I like them!
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Are we sure it's homoerotic art being kick out JUST because it's homoerotic. As far as I can see, there's plenty of female homoerotic art that's still here. I can't keep up with everything that's going on around dA, but if men are being targeted, it's a double problem.
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I think it's stupid how a lot of male erotic artists are getting banned, yet artists who draw naked women art or lesbian artwork usually just stay. No hate to female artwork like that, but I just find it hypocritical on the haters' part.
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I am really really sorry to hear that:(
Yes. He and his works inspired me a lot, so as your work. For a long time, we have lots of communications. I learned a lot.
And my gallery was banned earlier than him, so I got no chance to send notes to him anymore:(
He is a nice guy, he taught me a lot and give me advises. 
I cannot say anything about these rules, but, I can only wish one day, people will love people just like god do:)
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please don't be hard like that! we're not live solely in certain groupings from the others in this world. I'm also the damned one & that's why i can sneak a peek in here. my parents might kill me in hands if they realized this thing. but i have to use my cursed fate and turns it into blessing in my life. Yes, we need to moderate and sophisticate everything in our life. don't let it too much domineering or DA staffs will find out our inexcusable faults for our final extradition. This is cruel and unjust world, but suppose to be stronger and defensive against all assaults around us. remember if DA should be universal and beneficial for anyone from any genders, ages, religions, and races in this world. The lot of neutral, moderate, and educative contents for all ages and genders will bring lot of better things around us and our life. Too much "SEX" contents will create lot of unwanted horrible riots in our life least. As I want to tell if DA is actually a banned site in my country indonesia for any public internet cafes around the country. this because of its mature contents and "***". Its so hard for me accessing this DA from public domains, except from my only private laptop. 
get back is another way. I'm just giving my advice & opinion. whatever if you want to know or not, its no matter. maybe that's all there's...
best regard:
Adhitya Rasmi
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~i'll be honest, i don't support gay marriage at all,but all you have is a gallery of half naked men and that's about it, maybe a picture or two of hand holding and lip kissing~~ why should they care if that's all your gallery has? i could understand if you got some guy on guy action going on, but i didn't see anything like that ~ you should be able to keep up what you're doing^^ i think its a unique style~ these dA admins need to put more of an effort getting rid of all the tasteless, naked girl photos and leave your stuff alone~ if i, a person who isn't for gay rights is fine with your account, why can't others be?
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Thats exactly how I feel. You put it so nicely.
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sorry, im using my new account to reply~
but yeah, i dont really like yaoi or guy on guy stuff, but this person has a gift. they should keep on drawing what theyre drawing : )
i'd rather see pictures like this on dA than all the straight up porn some people post on this site :/
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I know right😊
I'm not into yaoi or yuri. But the way this person colors and draws is absolutely outrageous!! Thank you for putting such a comment that said exactly how I feel to the tee!😊
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anything darling : )
i swear, it sickens me to see people attack a person for not being for yaoi or yuri, or any belief for that matter~
just cause i dont support gay rights doesnt mean i hate gay people, you know? and after the orlando incident, it made love them a little more, gay people are people too~
id never want to harm somebody for theyre life style, i'll just disagree with it, and thats that
but this person has talent, and should totally keep doing what hes doing : ) : )
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That is exactly how I feel. I remember when people I knew started hearing that I'm Christian and they started yelling at me and coming over to me and saying things like "SHE IS THE GAY HATER!!" "YOUR DISGUSTING!!". It really hurt me. Then my best friends started to come out as gay. I was happy for them but they were unhappy that I didn't feel the same way as they did. It took me three years to realize that just because a lot of people think something is right , doesn't mean that it is. You are entitled to your own opinion. I lost a few good friends because of my opinion but I found some new ones who feel that I am allowed to think differently. I keep some of the old friends but I sometimes feel I will have to move on from them too some day. Life is too short to be pushed around.
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yeah, preach it sister! a true friend with love you no matter what you think, you know? sometimes people drift apart, but the true friends stay by your side^^
i dont think i'd watch this guy cause of what he makes, but i bet hes really sweet in real life : )
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Same goes for me and thank you. I hope I will find more better friends that will always be with me. This person does sound very caring to make a post about helping people in his DeviantArt community. Very sweet person. You. also very sweet to come and talk to me. Thank you so much😀
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I had one homoerotic artwork in my gallery around 2 years ago and marked it as mature content, it wasn't even 'hardcore'
It got reported and removed by an admin, without giving me the chance to censore it.
It was 'just' an manga drawing of two guys, which got removed.
But what you can see all you want are naked women, not only drawings but also
photography of girls showing pornographic content.

I do not get the logic of DA in this case and I hope you're friend will get his account back c:
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I do homoerotic art and dA also silenced me and suspended me  : ) 
I know what you mean and I'm sorry for your friend. I hope dA change the way they act because me and my friend which also got suspended for doing homoerotic art have reached to the same conclussion as you .
Please take care : )
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Yet straight people can post literal porn... :(
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Any ero is getting banned if it's not subtle or if it is considered more like porn than art. Although I kind of agree in some cases, I think that some artists like one i really liked are getting banned unfairly! I hope your friend gets unbanned!
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try, DA is garbage in all kinds of ways.
I would recommend looking at Ello as an alternative.  It's become a rather nice social network space for artists and is not against adult content, so long as you flag your profile for containing it, and will not selectively ban someone for having it unless the content is not flagged.  It already has a strong LGBT userbase and I've seen a number of artists who do homoerotic photography establish themselves there.

If you need invites, let me know.  I think it would be a great place to build a community for homoerotic artworks.
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It is very disheartening because how many times do you see the female anatomy being exposed in many different poses just by looking at the latest deviations? And Im not talking breasts either. The minute their is male nudity in a homoeroitc manner its completely different than naked women in a heteromatic way.
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I do not think that there are more female nudes because they are more heteromantic, I think that it is more to the fact that there are women in nudity plus being highly suggestive, which emphasizes her nudity even more and very common in nudes, and possibly more in one sex than in the other if you observe the context of it in the artworks, which are more "socially acceptable" and "pleasurable" than males  with or without the erotic or homoerotic context. Because even if there are homoerotic females, they would still "more acceptable" than homoerotic males because the first ones are females, which bring more "meat" to the table to a specific audience. Besides, you tend to see male nudes on Devianart, and there are not many in comparison to females nudes, which symbolizes most of the artworks now, even the ones that are females, but not nudes. You tend to see a female figures nowadays in most of 80% of the artworks and commissions that you see on Devianart, and in other art websites. Like literally saying that females  bodies are more demanding in sales than male counterparts. Which is very sad in some many levels, because it also de-emphasizes heterosexual women and gay males love for the male form, and suggestive performance of this type of body, depending the theme and context in which applies to it.

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