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Here is the long-awaited YEAR OF THE ROOSTER piece, also one of the Illustrations of January. I had a lot fun drawing this, I hope you will like it as much as i enjoy doing it.

Hi-res jpeg, step by step and psd file version only available for my Patron on

Happy Lunar New Year by silverjow  Year of the Monkey by silverjow  Mid-Autumn with Jade rabbits by silverjow  Dragos Syko as Kakarot by silverjow  Commission work - Chris Jones as Starlord by silverjow  Pat Lee and Steve Moriarty fanart by silverjow 
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I like this, It is very cocky, lol <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/>,

but really, you have a great talent and you knowledge of the human anatomy is great. The color of this is great, you blend the skin and the color of the tattoo of this well. your tattoo designs are awesome, very detailed and intracet. I love that the rooster is the cover, very playful and that the hair matches the rooster is awesoe as well. you are a very great artist, I can not wait to see more of what you do. It is always an enjoyment to see your artwrok . thank you for you time drawing this.
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Silver Jow truly creates stunning work. The balance is very good and the color scheme has a great view. Truly he has mastered the art of balance. Very good attention to detail with the feathers and the shading. The only thing I would suggest for this picture to be better, is the choice in back ground color. It is very pleasing to the eyes indeed, but it almost hides the image itself a bit much when you really stare at it. Outside of that, this is a wondrous masterpiece made by a very good artist who is also a deeply respected friend.
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Completely and utterly amazing. The amount of detail work on the roosters, as well as the detailing in the tattooing. It honestly looks like someone took a picture of a rather one hell of a stunning guy and turned it into a 'cartoon' with a filter on their phone it looks that realistic. Though this far supersedes what that filter could ever accomplish. Keep doing what you do, your artwork is AMAZING. Also on a side note, love the fact of the matter that the stud has a red front to his hair, a very coy nod to the roosters crest. Well played ^_^
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Ahahhahaha I get it visual jokes hahahaHAHAHAHA-
Also how does one even shade?
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You practise, petulant child. Obviously.
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Omg just get a life only anthropomorphic sexually posed animal drawers put stuff up on deviantart
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But seriously your art is very good, man
that is superb. too bad you only do one subject matter. 
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Oh no ... the .... the .... Ayumi Nosebleed Icon
I so loooove your sense for aesthetics!!!! Bear Emoji-08 (Rolling Love) [V1] 
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you're sick as usual, silverjoe!
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beautiful tattoos :3
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The "critiques" on this site are a freaking joke. It's not supposed to be a "be good, be kind, be indulgent" comment, it has to give some advice and direct attention where it could be needed. Artists would never get their feelings hurt or anything just because you are not lenient with their work.

With that said, the face looks less cartoony than usual. You can say there is some experimentation going on, without straying too far from who you are. You did well, which means you keep making progress. The lightning is good, the composition is right. The tattoos are also morphed right, instead of being stamped on even if it wouldn't make sense in a relaced posture.

You are clearly doing better than you did before and I encourage you to keep pushing your boundaries to become even better.
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A splendid concept! The pose of the character appeals to me the most, along with his facial expression. Skin and tattoos seem incredibly realistic and with a cartoon-like style they create a captivating result! And your shading skills rock the stage <3
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Teach me your ways, Master. #howtobeyou
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Love the tatoos!! And lol at all of the cock jokes XD
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Happy New Year to you too Jow :D
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Excellent as usual! Love it!
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