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Thor: Ragnarok

By silverjow
I'm soooo pumped after watching the movie so excuse me I had the obligation to make art of it.
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© 2018 - 2021 silverjow
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I always imagined Thor with more muscle (not quite Hulk muscle, but more like a heavyweight bodybuilder) and Ant Man's growth powers. A bulked-up 200 ft tall Thor would be heavenly.

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Awesome as always 😍

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I can't Believe Thor has his own stand
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So hot I just wanna cuddle with them and me in the middle
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how can i learn from you
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Makes me wish that Hulk and Thor would cuddle me...
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Incredible! Would love to see Chris Evans and/or Tom Holland next! Keep it up
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Can‘t relate. I watched the movie yesterday and i‘m thrilled to make a drawing ;-3
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Omg dat muscles and lightning effect looks pretty awesome 
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Ha, seeing your Hulk makes me wonder just how big you can make your muscle men...
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Hulk makes Thor look like a potato bug. :)
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Oh wow... now it's one of my fav :love: rvmp 
AWESOME! and thank you for the full size image which is TOTALLY AWESOME! The guys' facial expressions are very well done. Wonderful work.
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you have more than talent dude *clap clap*

and is it you who draw for the game gaydorado ?
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Whoa very nice art work.
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