Shawn Dawson
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New illustration featuring incredible Shawn Dawson!

Gold Supreme by silverjow  Jaco de Bruyn by silverjow  Chase Ketron by silverjow  Simeon Panda by silverjow  Gerardo Gabriel by silverjow 

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Inquisitor36|Hobbyist General Artist
Love seeing Shawn Dawson. He's a great model.
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LhindyLouRhage|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, God Bless America!
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Sippora|Hobbyist General Artist
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LadyWo1f|Student General Artist
I took the name as the youtube Shane Dawson for a sec lol overall nice job
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AlineGon|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Kommissarito|Professional Traditional Artist
Mmmm cute!!!
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sandboyjoe|Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is one! of the best art works I've seen in a while!!!!!!!! 
that shine on he's right bicep blow my mind 
the simplicity and the shading freaking brilliant!!
shit is DOPE!!!! FINE job sir......... very FINE job
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Pratev|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ooooh - Shawn is one of my favorite models. :D (Big Grin) Excellent rendition of him! Love 
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mrfuzzynutz|Hobbyist Digital Artist
You really nailed this one! I had to look at it again a few times to really appreciate how your lighting, color palette and composition made this work so well. I will put money up this wouldn't be as impactful with just a plain white background. However the drawing is dynamite in it's on right, the left hand in the pocket is great, again the lighting and colors on that face..and those eyes!
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Jumanji7618's avatar
Love the way you draw his face. Good job!
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rickster1981's avatar
rickster1981|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice work as always!
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Love the tatoos, the underwear, the pose, the regard... Wonderful work!
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Daddyzhere69|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Altogether a wonderful piece of art. Love the hand in the pocket and the belt loop. That gaze in his eyes is also very sensual!
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slammtom|Professional Traditional Artist
not bad for tracing...looks like all of it's predecessors.No Runnin in my Lobby 
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LuvLuvG1981's avatar
Croist, don't be ankree he can't fix your Skeletor lookin' Scorpion ass. xD
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slammtom|Professional Traditional Artist
haha fuck you faggot I hope you fucking die soonLove 
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LuckyNoble|Student Traditional Artist
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LadySakuraAvalon|Hobbyist General Artist
Love I think I've fainted. :happybounce:  wow !!!
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MyFantasiWorld|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very pretty, the painting on the muscles are!
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el-douglas's avatar
el-douglas|Professional General Artist
great work! quick question: do your male characters attract to both straight women and gay men?
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BlueXxTora's avatar
BlueXxTora|Professional Digital Artist
OMG I love it!!! :D
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JAV1966's avatar
Excellent work. The details on his tattoo are fantastic & the stare is amazing.
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Nice work.
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