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Daily Practice #003

By silverjow
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Daily Practice #003 - Chris Redfield fanart

I'm a big Resident Evil Fan since the very 1st game of the series. I have to admit, he's the reason why i keep replay the game RE5 and 6. 
Some say whoever design this character must be a bara fan. And i couldn't agree more.

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I think the hands are too big, but it looks nice.
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W-wuh-whattt SilverJow... THE SilverJow drew Chris redfield!! OMGosh!!! :D
totally awesome!!!

will you do Piers next? I know he's not a bara but hey, you're the artist... you can make him bara if you want right ;)
but srsly I hope you make a Piers in the future <3 <3 <3
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Gorgeous job with my Captain.

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I don't really like Chris but the art style is so cute! XD
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Chris Redfield!Artimist - Blush / Embarrassed / Shy / Stuttering 
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Even though I don't like much the RE series Chris is also my favorite character in RE 5 & 6.
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Like to see him w/a shaved head.
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i couldnt get into number 5! So 6 is good? I just didn't like the controls of it on PC. But i bought the game because of all his fan art haha had to see what the fuss was about
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5 was good, but then... to be honest, i really don't like 6. 
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yikes. so when is he at his hottest? Number 4? I want to get into the franchise but didnt like 5.  Hot work btw. Big broad shoulders and small waists are the best ;) 
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He's hot in both 5 and 6. He doesn't take part in 4. I don't like 6 because of the gameplay and control, but the story and characters are awesome. 
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mmm well i might try playing 5 again then :) 

Hey merry xmas. 
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OHHH MY.... HAWT O//////o
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OMG!! Do you have one of Leon too?
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Damn, those clothes surely look beautifully tight =3=
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can I say a thing :3 I love your way to draw :3
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It's me... or this man is so HOT????!
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:clap: Impressive, sir. Now if you'd just take of the shirt~ OwO
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huge redfield fan.
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