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Commission - Feroce1

  • Commission for Feroce1 :iconferoce1: , featuring himself. He's shy , huge and sexy.  
  • photoshop cc + wacom intuos 5
p/s: Transform real people into comic is a lot of fun :D
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BstTeddy's avatar
He Looks so Sweet
bbb35's avatar
Don't be shy, even if I'm gawking at your treasure trail and pecs :D
feroce1's avatar
Hi Joe this is the commission u did for me and I would love u to post it on your instagram to see what ppl think....if possible?
Arharuth's avatar
Damm it... Take off the pants...
PlagueWerewolf's avatar
Hottie hot hot hot! Meow Love 
alexlynch1996's avatar
No needs to be shy i would love to cuddle him
TheGargarean's avatar
very sexy indeed
animedragon12000's avatar
Wow! This is great! :D
TheStrongGladiator's avatar
Handsome guy, him is very strong and manly!
Gorgeous drawing!
bmarch's avatar
Finely done coloring and shading! and that blsuch is SOOO CUTTEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!
LinkinGiantMorphs's avatar
Sooooo cute !!! I think I've fainted. 
Ko-Ton's avatar
'Undressing sequences' are great. I used this one for my phone locked/unlocked screens. Don't you have a third or fourth one for this? You should make more.
silverjow's avatar
Do you mean he will "undress" every time you unlock your phone? Cool. May be i should do more 'Undressing sequences' that reveal more skin, like the third or fourth one that you mentioned. :)
Ko-Ton's avatar
Yep. When I saw both images the idea came to my mind. I'm glad you think my idea is good. Hope you make good use of it and keep the drool flowing
Arkudamon's avatar
is it wrong that I find the left pic with the tight close a lot hotter then seeing him str8 away half naked? 
still tho absolutly beautiful :] x
SwirlyEyesHypnotize's avatar
*Chuckles* Shy beauties are the best! X3
ErictheLucario's avatar
I'd love to meet anyone in real life who looks like that.
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