Dead Man's Bells

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Iced bluebell petals.
Belated winter footfalls
crush the rites of spring.
Something for ~akarra's Haiku Contest. I kinda like it :B

The Scottish bluebell has earned the nickname "Dead Man's Bells" because the flower is believed to be unlucky; fairies are said to live within and cast spells upon their home. Walking through a field of bluebells is a bad idea. Additionally, to hear a ringing bell is an omen of death in many cultures (see; Macbeth, Act II, Scene i for example).

[EDIT] Second place! [link] :dance:
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ah the word "crush" works so well here - so punchy (hmm I use this term far too much).
a very nice haiku :nod:
SilverInkblot's avatar
Haikus need punchy words :D
SurrealCachinnation's avatar
I love bluebells... :giggle:

And all the different symbols you find within plants. Especially in Celtic lore. In the Celtic zodiac, you're assigned a plant... apparently I'm ivy, and I love to latch onto people and smother them with hugs. :XD:

Congrats on second place!
SilverInkblot's avatar
I'm a vine in the Celtic Zodiac :) I always thought thier version was kinda neat.

Thank you!
SurrealCachinnation's avatar
I love it. I also identify much more with ivy than I do with Libra. :XD:
a-nameless-one's avatar
An excellent piece, congratulations on a well-earned victory.
I actually prefer it over the winning entry.
adriannetu's avatar
Old man, Death plays the character of winter again but life seems to have lost its way of recycling itself in "Dead Man's Bells." Congratulations! Great job.
akarra's avatar
Quite lovely! I'm learning a bunch reading your description. The image is quietly dark, haunting, despite brightness of the snow implied.
Honor2Serve's avatar
Good luck! I do like this! :D
MoonlightWillow6's avatar
The first line was just gorgeous. "Iced bluebell petals," just sounds so beautiful. :heart:

The background behind the poem was interesting. Who would have thought bluebells could be so deadly? ;)
SilverInkblot's avatar
I know right? I used to think they were such innocent little flowers :noes: Now I think maybe I should be glad they don't grow in the wild around here :XD:
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