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EDIT 25/03/09: Changed Canvas size, giving more height to it, centring the image a bit more on :iconadrenn: suggestion, added a rubic cube on the left, and a paper plane on the right, just because i wanted.

A version that took long of "oh! things coming out of my head" :P
I think it's not good enough, but... well i'm never ok with my finished works, always want to add more things.

I was going to call it "Tree of imagination" Because it reminds me to a tree, also other phrases with Imagination came to my mind, but they weren't for the work i think, so in the end, only imagination survived, i removed all the typo in the image because i couldn't find were to fit it in... so.. it's just that.

Long list of stock:
Girl: [link]
Cables: [link]
Flowers: [link]
Roots: [link]
Trunk: [link]
Hand: [link]
Strange Thingy: [link]
Bird: [link]
Butterflies: [link]
Snake: [link]
Plane: [link]

The End at last! =D
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u should hav a youtube channel showing speed art that would be cool
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Very nice. You inspire me.
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It's beautiful *__*
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lovely concept
great work
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this made my day. great idea and execution here. well done!
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amo muito tudo isso.... parabéns!
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muchas gracias! muito brigado? hablo español, el portugués se me complica! jaja
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featured in my journal :D
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this is an amazing work.
you've really helped inspire me for one of my senior art pieces.
i'm really interested in these types of work.
where do you find your inspiration?
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I absolutely love this!
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Very nice manip, I love how all the things come flowing out of her skull, just like ideas do!
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Gorgeous work!! :) Thanks for using my stock!
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I feel like my head is like that at times. :P

Good job.
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yeah! everyday! doesn't it? :D
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very neat job on this, your one of the better photomanip artists ive seen! 9/10
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I love this, this is really amazing
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your plane is flying somewhere around that head, thanks for it! =)
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I love the cables on the end, looks like you could just plug her in :) Great job
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