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Embernap the Cloud Keeper

And here's my second entry for the generator contest at [link]

The random description I got for this one was:
"This large female pony is a pegasus who is brave, educated, and heroic. Her coat is red. She has a mane that reminds you of a flame. Her eyes are apricot-colored. Her mark is a pillow."

Meet Embernap, the cloud keeper.
Embernap has a very important task, that is keep the clouds clean, fluffy and confortable in the upper parts of the sky where the other pegasus go take a break from their work.
Sometimes those pesky storm devils show up turning the good clouds into soaked storm clouds, definetly not good for sleeping on. But Embernap is brave enough to defy such troublesome creatures and send they away. Nice Job ember!

EDIT: Oh yay! This one was a winner!
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Oh hey, you won? Awesome.

Can I get you to draw Fireflare too?
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Well I'm not open for requests at the moment. Busy with comissions and personal projects, but maybe in the future I'd be available, yes~
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congrats on winning!!! you deserve it!
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Wow, it looks a lot like my OC Fireflare! And acts a lot like her too! WHAT A COINCIDENCE!

In all seriousness this is a wonderful pic and a great entry to the contest.
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Oh Sweet :D Really a big coincidence indeed~
Thanks, I'm glad you like it :3
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Fireflare: "I fight monsters for a living."
Embernap: "I do too. I also have a college education!"
Fireflare: "Same here. It would seem we are similar..."
Embernap: "Yes. That means we're equally awesome, right?"
Fireflare: "Not quite."
Embernap: "Oh?"
Fireflare: "You see.... I have a WIFE!"
Embernap: "Curses!"
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Awesome xD
I haven't develped any more of her character but maybe I'll go for it sometime.
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That's where I developed Flare's character. Maybe you could join! I think we have a group on Deviant Art somewhere, let me see.... Oh! Here it is!

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Oh sweet, I'll go check them
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por algum motivo isso me deu sono -q
n precisa muito pra me dar sono tbm
gostei pacas da crina dela *-* todo o desenho ficou otimo alias <3
as nuvens ficaram muito boas :3
Silverhyren's avatar
ahhaha poiseh neh -o-
Eu tb achei bem legal, as nuvens eu gostei bastante também.
Alias eu ando gostandpo e fazer nuvens fofas ultimamente.
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aw I love the concept!
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Originally she was going to be something totally different, but I'm glad I came up with this one :)
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Lolz me too! :meow: Because I got to see it and I liked
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Oh thanks!
Glad you liked~
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Np :) welcome comment my art work:iconaawplz:
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