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Golgem Solstice Event Gifts Batch 1

A batch of Solstice gifts for members the Golgem Art of Giving Event! To friends new and old, thank you all for making this group such a wonderful and fun community! I'm working on another batch, and once that's finished I'll be sending everyone their individual gift.

If anyone needs me to change their golgect's accessory to something better fitting a holiday like
Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or another winter holiday you celebrate, please let me know, and I'd be happy to change it for you.

From top to bottom and right to left:

Rinku for Jayna-Milan Designed by KittyKatKita
Silvanus for ObscureWhisper Designed by Silverhart-of-Eld
Stryker for SolarisRedmeption Designed by MommaScar
Desoto for MommaScar Designed by MommaScar
Mira for Ryna-Emellis Designed by MommaScar
Baron for anciense Designed by Silverhart-of-Eld
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oooo silver i LOVE THESE. for whatever reason the top right equi gives me spirit stallion of the cinnamon or whatever it was called vibes. go live ur dreams be free little horsey its 3am im very tired

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Thank you cj. Now go sleep, please.

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omg Baron looks so good, thank you!! Smol heart emoticon

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I'm glad to hear it!

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