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Brave Little Soldier {Tangled Fanart}

*spoilers for 'Rapunzel's Return'*

You know when I said I had other art to do that wasn't 'Tangled' related? Yeah, I lied. But gah! When Cap tells little Cassandra he'll keep her safe, my heart just melts. How could I not paint these two? Young Cap is so dashing and proud, and little Cass is so sweet and brave.

One of the things I really admire about the series is how it handles the theme of family, including all different types of families, from those we're born into, to the kind we make for ourselves, and how it explores all the good, bad, and ugly sides of those relationships. And boy, does it not shirk from the ugly side of things, but that just makes the good so much sweeter. 'Rapunzel's Return' hit me hard, and I had to restore the balance with some art of a tender moment between the Captain of the Guard and Cassandra.

This takes place directly after Cass loses her mother, after they've made it back to the stables. Though Cass lost a parent and home that night, she gained another one. This is a dark painting, but there's warmth and hope to be found; glimmering gold and silver to keep the shadows at bay. I like to imagine Cap was pretty smitten by this brave little solider right from the start. She's not even afraid of his big charger.

The Captain of the Guard is easily my favorite character of the entire series. I love how he started out as this hard-headed antagonist in the film, but then turned out to have the most noble calling of all - protecting those who can't protect themselves. No wonder Cass looks up to him.

You can see the step by step process here:…
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If only Cass could realize who her true family is. 
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How true. No matter where the story goes, Captain will always be her dad.
Beautiful and sweet picture 
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It honestly astounds me that he still doesn't have an actual name yet.
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I read somewhere that it was "m.c. Gainey" dunno how accurate but 🤷‍♀️

It was good enough for me to put in all my fanfics.

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I think he just so embodies the name of 'Captain'. It really works for him. ^^
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