Tsugai Kogarashi Finished! + Supanova ROFL

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First of all, NEW MEIKO WIG IS LOVE. New one on the left so I can cosplay her lighter-haired designs (like Conchita), and old one on the right for her darker-haired designs (like Sandplay, which I've done) xD

Speaking of which, I've finished another Mei-chan costume :heart: technically would be my 6th cosplay of her (or my 4th "real" cosplay of her, since swimwear & schoolwear didn't take much effort xD)? She's underrated & deserves more love so I'll gladly provide it through cosplay xD;;

Tsugai Kogarashi (a.k.a. 番凩, The Pair Tree Witherer or Paired-Up Wintry Winds) has a very special place in my heart; it's the first Vocaloid song I think I listened to and it's probably my most favorite Vocaloid song of all time (I even have it as my ringtone). It's a beautifully composed & executed song, and the voices sound so realistic and human in it. I've always wanted to do a cosplay of this song as a kind of tribute to my love for it (and beautiful music in general), so here we are! XD


I'm really excited about doing this with zimiel, who makes a very handsome & gorgeous Kaito. :heart: It'll be our first cosplay together & we both have a great love for Vocaloid so we're gonna have a lot of fun doing it xD (I'm so excited about it that I've essentially finished this costume like 1.5 months early ... lol so nerdy ...)

I'm hoping to sew Conchita next & am quite excited about it actually. UNF, that gorgeous red gown & sadistic PV. (DW, I haven't forgotten about Seth LOL).

Also, SydNova. HAHAHA I still find it hilarious and ironic. After my dissatisfaction (understatement) with their poor - let's say "customer service" - last year, I swore to myself that I would never go to Supanova again. But then ... I was asked to be one of the judges for the cosplay competition and I just couldn't resist the beautiful, beautiful irony XD so I went on the Saturday to do judging, which was a pretty good experience (didn't go on Sunday as I had something else on). The best part of going was seeing everyone, however briefly, and their wonderful costumes ... I arrived pretty much just before the comp and left pretty much straight after. I'm just sad I missed seeing all the sexy Sunday cosplays, but I ogled all the photos afterwards uhuhuhu 8D

Anyway, that's all I have to say about SydNova hahaha. I'll probably make an update once Conchita is well, well underway. ^^ <3

~ Harmony
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It looks great so far 8DD :heart: I can't wait to see it finished<3
Ah~ Conchita is so epic *AAAAA* Sadistic Meiko, Rin and Len *A*<333 Can't wait to see that either~ 8DD
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Ehehe it's pretty much finished now! Just need to get shots with *zimiel and start on Conchita kufufu 8D

Lol yes! Except I don't have a Rin & Len (and we can't forget Kaito, who's the clumsy chef! xD) for Conchita ... I'm all alone so far xD
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When will you be doing Conchita? 8"D
If it's not for a while~ I'd be happy to be your Conchita!Rin ^______^<3 The designs are so pretty O3O<3
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I'll probably be doing her soon actually, to Manifest maaaaaybe? xD (orz that con is a month away and I haven't planned any costumes for it yet, so fail xD) But that's just a solo thing since it's too late to get a group - I'd be very happy to do a proper Conchita shoot with you later on!! Ahhh! Rin-chan <3 We'd need to find a Len & Kaito too ehehe @3@

I have all the reference sheets for the Conchita costumes in large size, let me know if you want me to send it to you ;D
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Wahh~ Manifest >3<//
Yeah *A* Ohoho~ We must steal a Len and Kaito from somewhere xD;;
I'll be glad to do a Conchita shoot with you<3

Oh yes~ That would be lovely 8DD Thank you!! I can't wait to do Conchita with you OAO I hope I won't fail as your Rin >3<// I'll do my best<3
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Hehe! If you know of anyone we can drag, let me know @3@ I'm excited about doing this with you too! You definitely won't fail!!

As for the ref pics, I got them from these links ^^

Hope it helps you!! :D
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Ohohohooo~ I will 8DD<3 I'm so excited *A*<3

AH, Thank you<3 I will get on it once I have more money to buy more fabrics 8DD<3
I might change the zigzag thing at the bottom of Rin's dress though into lace... OAO// *don't like it OTL* And I hope that's okay with you *shot* >3<//
But I love the designs other than that *A*<333

...And sorry to be a bother to you but >3<// For Rin's black dress, Do you have fabric suggestions? >3<//
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Sorry for the late reply D8, I was sleeping over at ~Ttwisted's house ~ (she said she was interested in being our Kaito btw!! 8D)

But lol sure thing! And also, haha you don't have to ask me for permission for something like that =) it's your costume & your cosplay, do what you like! And I'm sure lace would indeed look prettier! :heart:

I think for Rin's black dress just a plain type of cotton would be best? Since she's a maid in the story, it should be a kind of "humble" fabric? ^^
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I MISS YOU~ agh DX i should have forced someone to hug you so then i could hug them the next day (or something along those lines orz)

agh~ it looks sooooo awesome <33333 ah can't wait to see more pictures XDD
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I MISS YOU TOO BB!! WAGH!! At least I'll get to see you this weekend, and I'll have to remember to bring the hoop skirt o'doom orz"

ROFL nah no way, the blurry photography hides all the faults haha ... it's actually not as good as I was hoping for it to be Dx
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I saw Indonesian newspaper in your photo lololol XD /smacked
Ah Tsugai Kogarashi! I really loves the PV, esp. Tourai and Usa's cover XD
Looking foward to see it!! <3
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Hahaha! I knew that at least one Indonesian person would notice that XD

Ahh I haven't listened to that cover, I'll go look for it! I love this song so much <3

Thanks so much dear! I hope my cosplay won't disappoint ^^
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this is the cover by Usa and Tolie :D
Tsugai Kogarashi - UsaTourai
I believe it won't be dissapoint! GANBATTEEEEE~
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Thanks hun! Oh yeah I actually have heard this version before! So pretty with real voices *A*

Aww thank you ... I will try my best!! <3
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OH that IS ironic! teehee : DD

Can I steal your sewing skills, too? 8)))
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Hahaha yeah. It felt sooooo good strutting in with free entry and essentially becoming an acting "staff" for the same cosplay comp that treated us with disrespect last year XDDD

LOL why would you want my crappy sewing skills 8U
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Oooh how satisfying XD :heart:

If you consider your sewing skills crap then WOAHH high standards much! o:
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OMG your progress is amazing!! Such a beautiful dress/kimono thingy *A*
And the hairpiece is so cute!!
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Aww it's not that great lol, but thanks Jill *A* yes I really love the design for this particular PV, Meiko looks adorable! Just had to do it :heart:
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even though i didn't see you..knowing i was in the same building as you at the same time...,and possibly sitting on the same seat as you from when i was judging madman just before the sat comp.. XD XD XD (i was on the seat furthest to the right) makes me happy! <3

see you at SMASH!
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Haha I was on the seat right next to that, second from the rightmost! Close enough!! xDDD

Wahhhh ILU hun!! ;A; I still wish I saw you & Aly in person, but oh well ... at least I got to perv on all the sexy photos of you guys uhuhuhu 8DDD Yes yes we must cross paths at SMASH!! Can't wait hun! :heart:
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that was aly seat!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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WAAAAAAAIIII LOOKS SO AWESOME!! :love: Absolutely can't wait to see it and you in person! :hug:

Must sew mine. And my hundred other things. OTL.

WAAAAIII *tackles you*
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Bwahaha it's actually really not so amazing IRL >_>;; (especially since I chose to not line it 'coz I wanted the fall to be flimsier ... so it looks crappy on the inside xD must try to borrow someone's overlocker to remedy this orz)

*Massages* Ahhh hope you get through it all my lovely Kaito-kun ~ :heart: I'm just so glad Tsugai Kogarashi isn't complex for you *feels kinda guilty* sounds like you have much to sew Dx actually I kinda know the feeling OTL

*Hugglesquishes* I'm so excited, can't wait xDD
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