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GundamFamiglia, how do you survive normally?? XDDD Had four shoots evenly spaced out within the past month-ish and I'm already tired lol. (As you can tell, Rikkai and Vocaloid shoots are done ... I'll be doing Synchronicity!Meiko and Sandplay!Meiko sometime soon too).

I want to cosplay so many versions of Meiko orz" I was up at night collecting smexy fanart of her and I wanted to cosplay most of what I saw ... somebody stop me orz" ...

Progress pictures for Synchronicity (updated):
Armor in different stages of completion
Base dress
Base dress with cape
Shin (& thigh) guards take form
Chestplate takes form
Wearing leg & elbow armor and wielding sword
99% completed pauldron, shin guards & elbow guard
99% completed chestplate & completed gloves

And that's probably what's been making me tired, since I've been working on it consistently ... too excited about it not to though *A*

I WANT TO DO DEATH NOTE SHOOT WITH SILVER!! For the lulz. But dunno when that'll be. /Sobs I want to do an Ishtar shoot with kaiya-02, my smexy Marik, as well T_T has to be when she's not busy. Man, cosplay and time XD

And we need to set a date for Silent Hill group. OTL so much for Trinity Blood being my only 2010 cosplay ... I'm hoping that apart from the Vocaloid ones though, I can hold myself back from cosplaying too much this year =_= (at least in terms of new costumes. Still need to get shots of a lot of the old ones lawl).

Speaking of which, I better get started on Seth *A*

How's everyone's New Years' been btw?

~ Harmony



Kagamine Rin & Meiko - Sandplay vers., Vocaloid
Meiko - Synchronicity vers., Vocaloid (Harmony only)
L & Yagami Light, Death Note
Mello & Matt, Death Note
Ishizu Ishtar, Yu-Gi-Oh (Harmony only)
Heather Mason, Silent Hill 3 (Harmony only)
© 2010 - 2020 silverharmony
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I'm just a lurker commenting on here to say that I really cannot wait to see the finished product of your Synchronicity Meiko costume. I am hoping to do this same costume sometime and would love to see how other cosplayers did it ;D Also you are the only person I could find who has even thought about cosplaying her XD
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Aww thanks so much for lurking & commenting! Haha xD <3 I absolutely LOVE Meiko, she's such a beautiful Vocaloid with a lovely voice so it's a real pleasure to cosplay her, and I'll be doing quite a few versions of her this year :) I couldn't resist when I saw her gorgeous Synchronicity design, I just had to do it lol.

My Synchronicity costume is 95% done and photoshoots will probably take place around early March so you won't have long to wait to see the final results. ^^ In the meantime, when will you be doing this costume?? I'd love to see yours too! :heart:
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Haha no problem ;D I love Meiko too~ I feel she is really underrated, considering she has such a beautiful voice. I was the same with the Synchronicity design, I saw it and told my friends straight away that we HAD to do a Synchronicity group sometime so I could cosplay Meiko (or Kaito, my second favourite costume from the videos).

Ohhh wow ;D I really can't wait to see it~ And your other
Hmm I'm not sure when we'll do the whole cosplay group, but if not at Supanova, sometime before the end of the year XDD We really need to talk about it more and arrange what cosplays we are doing this year before I can confirm anything.

BTW what did you make your armour out of? I was thinking of using craft foam, but idk yet.
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I feel the same. I especially love her duets, her voice blends so well with the other Vocaloids (Kaito or Luka in particular) and people don't give her enough credit or love ;_; oh well, I'm among the only people left still listening to a great majority of her songs xDD

What part of Aussie are you from btw? Ahh I'm not going to Supanova unfortunately (my group kinda got screwed around by the staff last year so I'm not keen on ever going back to that con ...) but I'm looking forward to seeing your pics once you have them :) I'll add you to my watch now <3

Yep yep I used craft foam for mine ^^
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I ADORE her duets with Kaito~ They sing so well together! I haven't heard many of her songs (-insert quiet sobbing here-) because I have crappy internet XD But whenever I get the chance, I always love what I hear~

I'm from Perth ;D Ohhh awww D8 well if it's to get away to prevent having something bad happen again I understand. Ufufufu I can't wait to get some pictutes ;D but first I have to start the cosplay XDD I don't have much cosplay experience though, so don't expect it to be very good haha.

Ohh ok good ;D
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Ahaha indeed, my #1 absolute favorite duet of hers is one with Kaito actually, which is Tsugai Kogarashi (I have it set as my phone ringtone too lawl) <3 if you ever feel like listening to more of Meiko's stuff feel free to poke me for recs, I've hoarded so much of her songs lolll.

And don't worry, I'm sure it'll turn out just fine! :heart: My Li cosplay was the first costume I ever made, and despite it being complex & really intimidating it turned out better than I expected. So you'll be able to do it too! ^^
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Ohhh yeah I've heard that! It is a really pretty song~ I think my favourite would probably have to be one of the songs I downloaded and the Japanese names didn't download with them .__. one I think is called Eternal Paean and the other Sono De Te (I lost the link to it T_T) or something XDD In the latter, they sound more realistic than other songs I have heard, so I really love it~
Ohh ty ;D

WOW really? That's amazing! I didn't know that was your first costume! Awesome!!

Also sorry for taking a little while to reply but I was searching all over youtube for that Sono De Te video T__T I couldn't find it.
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Yes...I know your pain OTL;; but it's so much fun right? XDD!!!! worth it hehe!!
Looked through your Vocaloid and PoT uploads ahhhh so beautiful :heart:__:heart: thanks to coming to PoT!! even though I poorly organized it orz;;

Hoping we can have our E21 group shoot still >: I've had my sena stuff sitting in a pile waiting since animania LOL I'll punch Nad to buy her hiruma stuff though it might be bit expensive :S
silverharmony's avatar
Madaaaaaaaaaraaaaaaaa :heart:

Yeah it's lots of fun xD but I've got bags under my eyes just from 4 shoots and I sewed those costumes months beforehand, too! xD It's amazing how you survive doing this every month and you have to sew new costumes all the time. *A*

Ahh no you didn't poorly organize it! It was to the point and everyone came!! I wouldn't call that poorly organized at all <33 Thanks for organizing it, it was so much fun and I was glad we got to do it before Ravi had to leave. ;3;

Sena-kuuun *A* yeah I've had my Suzuna stuff in a pile too! xDD Couldn't hang it up because of huge wide wings LOLOL. Ohh I hope Nad's Hiruma stuff won't be too heavy on her wallet! T__T But yeah let's have a Deimon shoot when you feel up to it / in the mood for it. Should get better shots than just sitting on a couch at the con lol ;D

Love & miss youuu T3T
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Will you be using your Meiko wig for Light too??? Then you can be Meiko-Light-Jaejoong LOL! XDDDD
silverharmony's avatar
Hahaha idk? Should I? Or should I try out the Syaoran wig of doom again? xDDD

I looked like a slightly-feminine-Meiko-mangirl when I did Jaejoong =P I'll look exactly the same when I do Light LOLOL.

I should upload the open shirt pic and write "Harmony as Light from Death Note and Jaejoong from DBSK". Everyone will be wtf'ing.
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Up to you! See what you think works better with the rest of your costume. Will you be getting new pants (not that there's anything wrong with the old pair imo)?

You should do the open shirt pic! It'd be so hilarious XD If you wanna post 2 pics instead, it should be like, you doing EXACTLY the same thing, then we get someone (... wait, that someone's most likely me >_> ) to be L, then quickly change into a DBSK member for the next pic so it'll be in context :nod:
silverharmony's avatar
OH FUCK, PANTS! Yeah I have to get new pants *A* Actually could I try on your mushroom ones ...? That's actually the right color for Light ... D;

Bahaha yeah!! xD It'd have to be done really well though so that I look EXACTLY the same in both pics. xDD
eltania's avatar
The Gakuen Heaven ones? Yeah, sure go ahead (though ... I don't know where they are right now >_> )

We can put you in front of a blue screen!!! :D
silverharmony's avatar
Ooh thanks 8D Hope you find them! Dx

Hahaha and shop you in? Imagine if it was intentionally bad like your Lavi hammer xD
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silverharmony's avatar
Wahaha we don't have dates for anything at this point 8D but Rinne will surely let you know about Sandplay when she figures it out ;3
blackraven162's avatar
everything looks so amazing Meiko-nee!!!!!
i can't wait till we do this group together~~ :heart:
silverharmony's avatar
My lovely Miku-chan ~ I'm really stupidly excited about this too 8DD Have you had any progress with your smexy dress on your side? :heart:
blackraven162's avatar
i have my draft skirt (the one i can screw up on)^^;

i'm still figuring out how i'm going to make the front fall correctly, but once i've got that figured i can start making the actual thing.

It may sound silly to spend so much time working on the draft, but i want to do really well with this. i can send you a pic (of the skirts length) if you like?
silverharmony's avatar
Oh, wait! I think I've seen it. You posted it on Twitter right? You used a white-ish fabric? It looked quite pretty ^^

Uwah that's not silly at all! I always spend a fair bit of time drafting so that I don't screw something up. And Miku's dress is quite challenging so it's absolutely understandable. :heart:
blackraven162's avatar
yup that's the one. ^^

it's so incredibly long *_* i'm going to have to pick it up so people don't trip on it xDD;;

i've also got a draft for her bodice in the works, so i'll hopefully post that up sometime soon for you~~ :heart:
silverharmony's avatar
Ooh can't wait to see it, I know it's going to be so pretty <33 *3*
SweetSkitty's avatar
agh~ harmony~ you have to show me how you did the armour ><

and i can completely understand... should actually start doing some cosplay... but i'm... so tired DDX *flails at you*
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