Sandplay Done! + Sitting Outside At Mini? XD

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Thanks guys who helped me out by voting on the last poll, I really appreciate your opinions!

Yeah, so as almost everyone already knows - since I spammed my joy about it on Twitter & FB - my Sandplay version Meiko costume is finally finished! :'D I've been working on it very very slowly ... painfully slowly, and I finished it at like 1am two nights ago. I'm not wholeheartedly happy with it as I think I could've made it slightly better, but oh well.


Phew. And that's it! Pictures will come whenever we do a shoot. xD Wore it while meeting up with some other awesome cosplayers yesterday (I didn't have the correct boots for that; those thigh-high red boots you see in the progress pics are the right color & height but the wrong material, but I'm ordering accurate ones in so I'll have the right boots in a few weeks). I was pretty sick then with a cold (still sort of am) but hanging out with them and seeing their gorgeous costumes was so worthwhile. :heart:

So since Sandplay's done, I'm gonna go straight on to finish Synchronicity ... Every piece of armor is like 99% done, so altogether I'm more or less 97% done. I'm so depressed though, two parts of my armor are damaged =A= my mom or dad moved my back-plate and stabbed it on something while doing so, so now there's this massive stab mark on it (lucky it's on my back though, so you can't really get pictures of it) and my chestplate collar also got damaged pretty bad ... I'll try to fix it, but if it doesn't work I'll have to replace the whole collar =A=

The very kind SweetSkitty has also offered to get my Trinity Blood fabric for me, since a really good one is available at her local store but not at mine. Until the next time I meet up with her to collect it off her, I'll be finishing my Silent Hill costume ... lucky for me it's mostly done, I just need to do a few little things like pockets & the stripes on the boots etc. XD I hope I'll look okay in it! I'm actually pretty insecure about it =A=

How's everyone going for Mini btw? Costumes almost done? Tell me all about it ^^ I'm considering going but just sitting outside, because I want to meet up with people but I'm much too poor to go in xD The plan is most likely to just hang out with Caimekaze and tom-nom-nom outside since they're the same =P I'm not sure if I can go to Armageddon anymore though, even though I'd like to see what it's like at least once ... too much going on at my workplace, they might call me in to do stuff orz"

Btw don't forget the fabric trade/sale offers in my last journal entry, that's still going on and available! ^^

And good luck to everyone participating in the WCS next weekend!! I won't be able to see you /sobs TAT but if you drill a hole in the wall for me I might be able to peek in? XD

~ Harmony



Kagamine Rin & Meiko - Sandplay vers., Vocaloid
Meiko - Synchronicity vers., Vocaloid (Harmony only)
L & Yagami Light, Death Note
Mello & Matt, Death Note
Ishizu Ishtar, Yu-Gi-Oh (Harmony only)
Heather Mason, Silent Hill 3 (Harmony only)
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Maiko-neechan's avatar
What about you write your DA on the pictures ? Even if it's stolen, people will know where to go to see the originals !
silverharmony's avatar
Nah I'd rather not take the risk as watermarks can also be photoshopped out (or they can put their own name on top of it).

From now on all my progress pictures are on my Facebook so only my close friends can see it :/
Maiko-neechan's avatar
Okay :/
Anyways your cosplay was awesome !! *-* I'm gonna try to sew one myself for the 2013 Otakuthon on August !
silverharmony's avatar
Thank you very much for your support! Good luck for your costume *v*
Kazuwu's avatar
Are you going to upload the progress photos again? Cause I'm making the costume and I'm sort of lost when it comes to the corset xD How did you make it? Did you make a cover or the whole thing from scratch?
silverharmony's avatar
Sorry but I won't be putting the progress pictures up here again. After my work was stolen by someone, I've learned my lesson and having progress pictures here will only encourage even more theft and it'll be easier for anyone to say that they made my costume. I don't even know for sure if someone's already saved the photos to their computer, who knows :/ I'm not taking any chances either way, all the pictures are now on my private Facebook where only my closest cosplay friends can see them.

I made the corset from scratch - just used a regular corset pattern, didn't actually install any boning in this case (unnecessary since it was underneath the coat), punched in the grommets, put on the pleated lace trim. It's actually quite a quick job and fairly easy to copy the ref image.
Kazuwu's avatar
That sucks. I completely understand you and I curse those idiots for ruining it >_>
SDmitrivna's avatar
Looks so cool! Did you use any sewing patterns? Any tips or hints for a cosplay noob like myself who wants to go as Sandplay! Meiko for a convention? I just have no idea how to make the jacket, and your's looks so nice... =D?
silverharmony's avatar
Thanks so much! I used a coat pattern, but I altered it where necessary (i.e. the entire front area). Is this one of your first cosplays? This costume might be slightly difficult for you to sew as a beginner costume if you don't have much sewing experience before, unless your mother or a family member could help?
SDmitrivna's avatar
Yes, it is one of my first cosplays. I have made a skirt from a pattern before, and my mother has a lot of sewing experience. Plus, I have another 5 months till the convention I'm planning to attend. So maybe I'm not a totally helpless case.

What are the difficult parts? The altering of the coat pattern or the inner coat lining? (Lining is difficult for me, I will not lie.) I assume you use a peacoat pattern and lowered the area with the first buttons down to underneath the chest, and then modified the collar? Do you use a mannequin usually to help you with your sewing?

Thank you for your help. =)
silverharmony's avatar
Sounds good! I think the most difficult part of this costume was actually the alteration. It was a lot of trial & error because you have to have just the right shape and amount of curve around the breasts without the collar flipping outwards (which was VERY challenging because it's sharply curved, took me lots of tries to get it right, and I've seen a lot of Meiko cosplayers get it wrong). Lining is actually extremely easy. I can see why you'd think it's challenging but it just takes getting used to - once you've got it, it'll be super-fast.

I didn't use a peacoat pattern since I already have a coat pattern at home, but a peacoat pattern might work easier for you. Also I don't use a mannequin - I use my own body because everyone's body shape is different and a mannequin is generic. You want to make sure everything has the right fit on your unique curves etc. Something that looks good on a mannequin might not look good on you.
SDmitrivna's avatar
Very nice! I will attempt this as soon as I get my fabric. One more question though-- did you sew the collar on or was it originally part of the fabric? I agree that it looks very sharp! And what material did you make it out of? It's a bit difficult to tell from your cosplay pictures.

Again, thank you =)
silverharmony's avatar
I'm not 100% sure what you mean but if you're asking if the collar is a separate piece, then yes. As a general rule collars are separate pieces and are rarely attached. As for material, you could use any type of fabric that would be appropriate for a coat generally.
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Hahahah I think that if a few people come together we might be able to pull together $13 for you? hahah if not will find you outside and love you. Hahaha but yes I havn't started my pants yet for it XD and then fried my corset on again last night and it dosn't fit very well XD haha ohhh well haha can't wait to see you there and be all like amazed face at you X3
silverharmony's avatar
Hahahahah aww don't worry, it's okay~! Just hang around with us outside! From what I hear there's actually gonna be quite a lot of people hanging around outside. XD

Aww good luck with sewing! DX You'll be alright, I can't wait to see what you're cosplaying <3 and you won't be amazed-faced haha, I don't think I'm cosplaying to Mini LOL xP
noserobes's avatar
hahah I will still be amazed face at you anyways XD haha yer I shall hang out side with you for a while X3 should be fun

ahhhh god havnt started pants and Im so freaked out haha
silverharmony's avatar
Don't worry, I'm certain you'll be just fine! Start them now! XD Luckily pants don't take too long to sew, in comparison to other things :heart:
noserobes's avatar
XD I hope sooooooo hahahah .........must start them sooon XD well I guess I will see you there X3
breathless-ness's avatar
So can't wait to see this in persoooooon XD
I'm slaving away as well >__< god it'll be worth it fuckingcosplay
I will definately be coming in and out to see everyone tho~! <3
silverharmony's avatar
Haha hopefully it's not crappier in RL xDDD <3

Ahh is this your Mini cosplay you're talking about?? Ganbatte!! DX Haha yeah join us outside! Looks like there's gonna be quite a lot of us XD
alysael's avatar
Cannot wait to see you in OMFG SO EPICLY PRETTY Sandplay Meiko<33333
silverharmony's avatar
Hehe thanks darl! :heart: When my Vocaloid famiri have their costumes all set we'll get right on to the shoot! :heart: I hope it'll turn out alright ~
alysael's avatar
Cannot wait to see!!~<3
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