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I just realized I haven't written a journal at all in the New Year, so xD;; I hope you guys have had a great New Year!

First of all, thank you so much to pullingcandy for featuring my The Witch's House cosplay as a Daily Deviation today:

Majo No Ie - The Witch's House: Ellen, The Witch by silverharmony

And additionally thank you as well to the rest of you for your faves, comments, and general support. I never really considered my work to be good enough for a DD so I feel very humbled and privileged!

To those of you who have just watched me, welcome! I'm really happy that you're interested in my work. I'll keep on doing my best, so I hope you'll like the future costumes I do :)

I also post daily cosplay updates on Facebook, please feel free to follow: :facebook: www.facebook.com/silverharmony

Cosplay-wise, to be honest, I haven't really specifically planned much for this year (which is kind of unusual I suppose - last year we did our photoshoot for The Witch's House around this time of year, hehe!). I went on a vacation to New Zealand during the Christmas/NY holidays, and that was really amazing and refreshing. After I got back to Sydney I suppose I carried that feeling home with me, so I've decided to take a bit of a break and relax for a while before I have to get into sewing again.

I do, however, have 2 costumes in mind that I definitely want to do this year, so you'll see those later. ;) One for Sydney Supanova and one for SMASH!, I suppose? Speaking of which, for now those are the two conventions that I'm pretty sure I'll be attending for 2014. As usual, the interstate conventions will depend on the special guests they bring.

Lately I've also been feeling really motivated to do more game characters, so we'll see how those pan out! Depends on if I have the time to sew them. :)

Hope to see some of you at some of the cons this year!


Please friend/add me - always love to make new friends and cling to the old ones!

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(Yes, I do write fanfiction as well! Currently most of my fanfic is on my LiveJournal, link above. However, I'm slowly uploading all my fic to the sites below as well; I just got my Ao3 account so I'm very excited to post everything there!).
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Thanks again to everyone for your support!

~ Harmony
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I think it's good to relax, but I'll certainly be looking forward to your new costumes this year :D
silverharmony's avatar
THANK YOU LOVELY :heart: :heart:

Hahaha yeah! Never good to stress yourself out with a deadline over a hobby ... I'll start sewing whenever I start sewing XD *lies in bed with TV shows and chips*
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Wonder what game characters you chose if You do them. :P
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I already have characters in mind. But depending on time and money they might not end up happening, which is why I didn't list them. Gets disappointing when people expect to see me in a certain costume and then I don't do it.
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Yeah. Are you working in group or single on your costumes? Just wanna know :3
silverharmony's avatar
Mostly single. But as always, I do try to get some groups together!
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Good luck then on your own!
silverharmony's avatar
Thanks! I've cosplayed solo a few times so it should be okay.
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