My work was stolen

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Update: Thanks so much everyone for your unconditional support!! The deviations aren't publicly visible anymore (although I don't think they're deleted :/)

I've now removed all my WIP costume progress pics from here. I will never post progress pics here again, because I don't want someone to use them as extra proof that they are me & made my costumes. :/ From now on, they'll only be on my locked Facebook. And I'll only add people to it if I've met or spoken to them enough times to consider them a friend. I've learned my lesson from this.

Thanks so much again everyone for your help, I'm really grateful. Let it be known that I would've done the same for you. m(_ _)m


All of the pics in this person's cosplay folder are mine. They were taken directly from my gallery, beethy's gallery… and tom-nom-nom's gallery….

If you could spare a minute of your time, please help me report these ;__;

I can't believe some people would be so dishonest.
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Totally missed this until now lol, but how bizarre :S At least it was dealt with quickly! As a few people have said, take it as a compliment dude <333
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The photos haven't been deleted from the person's page yet, they're just hidden from the public ... Unfortunately I don't know if I'll feel at ease until they're gone :'D I made another appeal to devAdmin though so here's hoping!
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o_O she just made a journal about it
i think you should see~
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Thanks so much for alerting me to this hun ><

Unbelievable. She sounds so amused.
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your welcome..

yeah...i know O_O
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How is that person not banned? O_o Shouldn't art theft be automatic banning? Does devart actually want to give web space to criminals? *brain explodes*
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I DON'T EVEN KNOW. I was just ranting about this on my LiveJournal actually. Why not just delete the deviations since NO PART OF ANY OF THEM is theirs - in the costumery or the modelling or the photography or the editing?

To have dA asking for model release forms is equally hilarious. As if I'd ever sign one for this person.

I've sent through another abuse report, fingers crossed they'll actually do the right thing and delete the photos completely now ><
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as silly as this sounds, now you know someone out there wishes they were you, you might consider putting your name across the middle of the photos you really want to keep yours (like your WIP shots)
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Lol yeah that sounds like a great idea actually. Doesn't matter though, I still won't put them up in public again *paranoid forever now*. I'll just keep them on my FB from now on lol ><
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In a weird way you could take this as flattery... I guess?
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Maybe, but it's hard to feel flattered in this situation haha.
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Reporting. That's not right, people stealing others pictures, I don't understand people anymore these days, I'm sorry dear, hopefully this'll never happen again.
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Thank you so much for your support dear. ;__; I really wish dA had removed the photos instead of just hiding them from the public. I want them gone from this person's account. They have no right putting my pics up in their gallery and claiming they were me. ><

So sorry about deleting all the WIP pics btw, but I don't trust the Internet anymore. If you still have any questions about Rei's costume do feel free to ask me anything you like as often as you like, it doesn't bother me at all, I'm very happy to help out ♥ that goes for any of my other costumes too.
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It's no problem, it's completely understandable, I'd be very upset too, I've had my real pictures stolen before people claiming to be me, so I know how it is, people are just dumb and don't understand they can't get away with that kind of stuff. Hopefully DA will delete them when they see that its upsetting you, it's only right instead of them just being able to tag you in some of the pics too.

And it's alright, like I said, I understand, I just want to thank you so much though for still offering to help when I have questions, I'm going to go look for the material soon so I'm super excited! Ah thank you so much ^_^ You're one of the nicest people on here, most people wouldn't be so quick to offer help, but then again, other people aren't willing to give credit to others for that help.
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I missed seeing this but oh man, that sucks Harmony D:
I'm glad it's not publicly visible anymore though >A</ I hope that person learns their lesson :/

...Can't understand why people would steal other people's works DX
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I don't think they've learned their lesson yet, we'll see OTL. I really want them deleted T__T I sent another appeal to dA, I hope they listen ><

Because they want attention or are trolling? IDEK either wagh ><
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The pictures look like they are flagged, and are pending to be reviewed. You've got a good network of friends that are willing to look out for you. XD

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I really want them deleted though T__T I sent a second appeal to dA asking to have them deleted instead of just hidden >< fingers crossed!

And yes I do!! I'm so lucky to have everyone's support ♥
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It's very likely they are pending review and WILL be deleted. You've got all your works dated from when you uploaded them, so you will be fine :D
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dA actually sent me a note saying they were only hidden from public view :( It's not pending deletion.

But I sent them another report trying to appeal that so that they could be deleted. Fingers crossed T__T
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Oh my, I'm sorry to hear this happened to you. I'm glad this has been resolved-ish and hope that it doesn't happen to you again. You deserve don't deserve to be stolen from.
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Thanks for your sympathies ... yeah I really hope dA deletes the photos soon, I don't feel settled at all with having them just not publicly visible. I want them gone. Nobody deserves to be stolen from ;__;
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I'm a little sad that I can't see the process. I learned a bit from what you did with your cosplays.
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I'm so sorry. I feel so sad and I'm really sorry, I enjoyed sharing those photos too. But it's become apparent now that there are dishonest people on the Internet who will claim they did something that they didn't. If I left those photos up there, they can use it themselves to "prove" that they were me.

This whole art theft and identity theft has left me pretty shaken. I can't believe there are people out there who would steal my photos and say that they were me.

I know it's not really a compensation but you're always welcome to ask me how I did a costume? :heart: Trust me, it's not a bother at all, it makes me really happy when people ask because it shows that there's something they want to learn from me.

And again, I'm sorry.
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