Gakuen Shoot

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Gakuen girls/boys:

I'm sure most of you know about our problem from recent Twitter updates ~

I wanted to get everyone's opinion first, because we have 10 cosplayers in this group and I don't want to make it "my" decision alone. I was wondering what you guys thought about delaying the shoot - or if you preferred to keep it this Sunday.

The thing about this Sunday is:
- We'd lose our Nakajima and Saionji due to their sudden family commitments this weekend.
- In effect, our Niwa and Shichijou would lose their partners (for pairing shots), and we also have an incomplete family.
- Ita also mentioned getting an allergic skin reaction today. I'm concerned and agree that she probably should wait a while before putting make-up on her face for cosplay.
- Bubble was also horribly sick yesterday and might need the week to recover.

Please no one leave any kind of guilty comment here. No one is blaming you!

Madara looked at her timetable and she said she's really busy for the next few months. The next time that looks remotely free for her would be after Animania - to be precise, September 19 or 20.

Everyone please let me know your opinions.

EDIT: Ok so Jill is apparently overseas during September. How about October 10/11? Madara said she can make it then.
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LittleStarfish's avatar
Man I wish I was in Sydney

I would love to be part of something like this *_*
silverharmony's avatar
Wish you were in Sydney too love! <3

We'll be sure to post up lots of smexy photos for you when we do this :)
LittleStarfish's avatar

I really need to move XP


lol when are you guys doing this?

I shall look forward to seeing many smexy pictures
silverharmony's avatar
October 10/11 looks like? *Pokes post* XD
LittleStarfish's avatar
ohhh November.

Lol I wonder if I am on holidays then o.0
breathless-ness's avatar
Hey guys, I'm 99% sure I'll be back in Oz on the 5th (Mon) and I already have my costume done, so that weekend of the 11th/12th will be A-OK with me ^^
silverharmony's avatar
ILU Jill. Oh gods thank goodness. Glad to hear you can make it!
light-kitten's avatar
sorry for the late reply, i'm finally gotten out bed for like the first time, but yeah i agree move the date, i haven't even started making naruse and my mum is sick as well and she usually helps me sew

i wouldn't be able to sit up next to a sewing machine right now, oct 10/11 should be fine for me, its in the holidays, and they should have finished construction by then, so its all in our favor :D
silverharmony's avatar
I AM SO RELIEVED THAT YOU COULD MAKE IT. I had no idea what I'd do if you couldn't.

Thanks so much Bubble! Get better soon sweetie. *Hugs*.
ravient's avatar
yup I dun mind either... too bad but can't be helped.. ^^
silverharmony's avatar
Thanks Ravi T___T man this Gakuen business makes me dizzy LOL xDDD

I hope Bubble can make it too, I can't contact her and if she can't make it we're so screwed because of you leaving.

When are you leaving again?
ravient's avatar
Can't be helped.. it's quite a big group.. ^^

Leaving to Indo? It's still the beginning of next year.. Dun worry.. u still have 1/2 years to see my face here.. XDD;
silverharmony's avatar
So you'll definitely be here until the end of the year right? Just making sure, in case Bubble isn't available on October 10/11 ... :(
ravient's avatar
yup~ but I'm thinking of having a trip to Queensland in the end of the year... it's like 1 or 2 weeks though.. ahah.. we'll see
eltania's avatar
Gold Coast? 8D
ravient's avatar
YUP! XDD and maybe Brisbane and Great Barrier Reef.. XD;
silverharmony's avatar
*Gets memories of building Minas Tirith and the worm in the light* xDDDD
eltania's avatar
Sorry for the late reply ... My internet died right after I called Ravi. But yeah, she said Oct 10/11 is okay with her too :)
ravient's avatar
Was the inet died bcoz of me? LOL!
silverharmony's avatar
Thanks so much, you're a godsend T______T

Now it depends on Bubble, if she can't make it we're pretty screwed >_>;;
kaiya-02's avatar
You know im fine with what ever date!

and dont stress yourself too much with all this >.< :hug: :hug:
silverharmony's avatar
Thanks sweetie *huggles*

Managing a big group is hard business OTL;;
MayBea's avatar
Jill is overseas during September, just so everyone is aware.

I don't really mind when, as long as its a sunday with plenty of notice I should be ok.
silverharmony's avatar
Ohh craaaaap >_< when is she coming back, do you know?
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