Fabric Trade/Sale For Making Cosplays XD

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Updated as of March 2 2011

Hey guys,

I have some new fabric (bought for cosplays that I never ended up doing etc) and remnant fabric from old cosplays that I'd like to clear out, because I don't think I'll ever end up using them and it's a shame to let them go to waste, especially because most of them are quite lovely. So I'm putting them up for trade or sale. I'm not sure if anyone will be interested but it's worth trying anyway :)

Trade: Please offer something that you genuinely believe to be worth about the same value. Will take everything into consideration! However, I'll only accept the trade if it's something that I'll likely be able to use for a future cosplay.

Sale: Please ask about specific pieces and/or make me a reasonable offer.

All fabrics are great quality & are in excellent condition.


These are large pieces that haven't been cut into / are totally new. Most of the time I made an error purchase (e.g. bought the fabric and then ended up finding a better one for the costume I was making), or otherwise I bought the fabric for a cosplay that I never ended up doing.

Baby pink polar fleece, approximately 2.5m x 1.55m SOLD!

Bright green satin, approximately 5.4m x 1.2m
Very soft & feels nice, definitely not the cheap plasticky kind!

Blue drill, approximately 2.2m x 1.49m
I guess my legacy of never having used drill before for a costume will continue


These are fairly large pieces of remnant fabric that I've used for a costume and had plenty left over.

Orange delustered satin, approximately 1.55m x 85cm SOLD!
Yellow (I think bengaline) suiting, approximately 1m x 75cm *

* Note: There's extra fabric (i.e. there's more than the measurements I wrote above) on one end of the yellow suiting, a fairly long wide strip, left over from after I cut it ^^


These are smaller pieces of remnant fabric that I've used for a costume and had some left over. If you prefer, you're most welcome to offer haberdashery, zippers, velcro, buttons etc. for these, or combine with one of the above fabrics =D

Light yellow poplin, approximately 57cm x 43.5cm GIFTED
Teal/jade stretch, approximately 1.02m x 43cm Ended up using LOL

Dark blue-black denim, approximately 75cm x 52cm
Bright purple stretch lycra, approximately 90cm x 36cm

Feel free to comment or private-message me if you're interested in anything. ^^ Happy costume-making, guys!

Speaking of which, how's everyone going with their cosplay plans so far? I want to hear all about your progress! I haven't seen any of you guys for a while and I miss you all. ;__;

~ Harmony



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EssenceofCrayon's avatar
Ooooh such pretty fabrics :'D

lol nearly all cosplay progress is at a standstill until I actually get some money OTL" *so brookkkeee*
silverharmony's avatar
Thanks! It's a shame that I have no use for them orz"

Lol, aww! Yeah cosplayer poverty is rife among us xD that's part of the reason why I'm trying to trade/sell these fabrics as well lol.
EssenceofCrayon's avatar
DD: What were you going to use the pink fabric for? *curious* xD

Good luck Meiko-niiii~<33
silverharmony's avatar
It was for a costume that in pictures looked like it was whitish pink. So I bought the fabric. But then I saw other people's cosplays and they just did white, so I became a sheep and just followed them by buying new white fabric entirely xD

EssenceofCrayon's avatar
Ahh I see xD

I'd buy/trade for that orange and yellow if I weren't so broke/had something to trade. OTL'''
silverharmony's avatar
Aww that's a shame :( But I know your pain ... 99% of us cosplayers are at the height of poverty lol ...

Do poke me if you ever change your mind though, you never know! ^^ :heart:
Baha, will be my pleasure if I ever have the money to change my mind! ^^ <3333333
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