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2 weeks ago, I finished sewing my Conchita!Meiko cosplay which I ended up wearing to SMASH. ^^ Yay early! What was funny was the fact that what inspired me to make it was my accidental (yes, accidental >_>;; don't ask) purchase of 5m of red satin that I had absolutely no use for. So I was like "meh, I may as well make Conchita!" and there you have it - I'd always thought it was one of Meiko's most beautiful costumes and had contemplated doing it anyway. XD


I would have actually liked to make the skirt a lot bigger & fuller, but all the hoop petticoats I found online were too short! Dx I'm quite tall for a girl so most of them hang far above my ankles ;__; maybe I'm looking in the wrong place, I dunno. But it's ok, at least I managed to find one appropriate for my height which I used, which is fairly smaller than I would've liked but still sufficient nevertheless.

SMASH! Weekend

Mostly a trimmed-down copypasta from LJ, but still ;)

This has been one of the most hectic weekends of my life. Who knew that 2 days of cosplay could be so exhausting, even though I've had one costume finished 2 weeks ago and the other costume finished more than a month ago XD

It's been almost a year since I cosplayed to a convention (I've mostly been doing shoots, and I didn't cosplay to Mini or did a proper cosplay for 'Nova since I only went to judge). So I'd forgotten how busy it gets & how much we had to do lol. But I had a great time, and I got to cosplay yet another 2 Vocaloid outfits so I'm in a very good mood (still hoping to do even more, I love Vocaloid too much XD).

Friday: Tsugai Kogarashi shoot

On the day before SMASH! we got ready in the morning and zimiel, JKale and I went on ahead to the photoshoot location (Campbelltown Japanese Tea Gardens). Let me say that I'm never shooting there again. The receptionist was an old hag who was incredibly rude (full story on LJ). But, whatever. As long as the shoot's done.

So! zimiel and I did our long-awaited Tsugai Kogarashi shoot :'D We haven't been planning this for very long but this is my favorite Vocaloid song of all time so I'd always wanted to cosplay it. As someone who sings & also likes to write songs, I never get tired of hearing such a beautiful song; hopefully we did this PV justice. ♥

Tsugai Kogarashi
zimiel as Kaito | Harmony/myself as Meiko
Thanks Alan/Bubby for this photo and JKale for helping out!

The highlight of this day was when Alan suggested we do a hugging-from-behind shot. I instantly envisioned a kind of manly shot where Kaito was hugging Meiko from behind, but then zimiel turned to me and said "ok, I can lean back into you" and I was like oh wait, I'm the man? HAHAHA XD So cute that her instant reaction was uke!Kaito XD

We met up with SweetSkitty and had a really late lunch (which was also an early dinner?), then Alan and SweetSkitty went home and zimiel & JKale came with me to stay at my place for the weekend.

Saturday: SMASH!

SMASH was amazing, as always. Definitely the best Aussie con 8Db as soon as I came I got dressed in my costume and went to see everyone at the artists' tables. So much fanservice wahhh 8D got to see people in sexy Vocaloid costumes as well as sexy costumes from other fandoms I've yet to acquaint myself with but still looked amazing anyway XD I finally got to meet alysael and mukuroma for the first time too, which was an immense pleasure because they are seriously so sweet and it made me really happy to be able to talk to them ♥

I was very happy to get strawdoll and co.'s Vocaloid cosplay ROM and strawdoll and itakoaya's Vocaloid artbook, which I've been perving on the last few days ohohoho XD I also swept up Silver's adorable Vocaloid badges pretty much the moment I reached her table & blackraven162 gave me a Meiko nendo later that day which was so sweet of her <3 <3 After going around talking to all the people (which is a lot more fun than it sounds) and hanging with SweetSkitty and Ttwisted for a while, the cosplay competition started ... Silver got changed into her 2nd costume & went off, and I didn't enter but I went to watch and perved on everyone. :D

Obligatory silverharmony photo! Taken before the comp started <3
Harmony/myself as Conchita!Meiko (Vocaloid) | Silver as Gerard (Fairy Tail)
Thanks Alan/Bubby for this photo.

I also got to make some lovely new cosplay/con friends who I exchanged general contact details with, and beethy offered to do a shoot for my costume so we did a super-quick shoot outside. He's very talented as a photographer so the result was quite lovely:

Vocaloid: Meiko ,Conchita vers by beethy
Harmony/myself as Meiko, Conchita version
Thank you beethy for this photograph - please click on the thumbnail to go to his original deviation!

I cosplayed solo that day, but hopefully I'll also be able to do a full shoot later on with my Len & Rin (and possibly Kaito, depending on if we still have him or not XD)

After the cosplay comp results were announced, that was pretty much the end of a long and satisfying day. Congrats to all the winners, it was much deserved!

At 4am Monday, after spending an epic Sunday night together involving karaoke, dinner & cake, I dropped off zimiel & JKale so that they could fly home, and that was the end of our hectic weekend. For now. XD

Con season has just started and Manifest con (or yet another Vocaloid con for me since I'm doing Meiko again both days XD) is coming up in 2 weeks ... I've decided to rewear Tsugai Kogarashi for the first day as a solo costume, and do Alice Human Sacrifice for the second day with our lovely group ♥ originally I was considering rewearing Conchita but it's going to be very hard to carry interstate so in the end I decided against it. Thanks though to everyone who voted in my latest poll!

And then it's Animania with our epic Trinity Blood group. I've been making some progress on Seth, but more on that later :D

*Goes to sleep forever lol*

~ Harmony
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HatterBD's avatar
Both of you look amazing!! Love your new cosplay btw :D
silverharmony's avatar
Aww thank you hun, you're too kind! If you mean the red dress, then I have to get proper shots of it haha :D
Wakaleo's avatar
So pretty!!! :D
silverharmony's avatar
Lol no way, but thanks for the sentiments Kenny!

And thanks for your amazing cake on Sunday too *A* you should sell them at SMASH again lol!!
beethy's avatar
silverharmony's avatar
AHAHA I hope I can get my costume done T__T but likewise~!!!
AznCeestar's avatar
I cannot get over how gorgeous you were, Harmony *_______*

And SILVEEERR!!! Your skiiiiittt!!!! I loved it so haaaaard!

(And yes, go catch up on some sleep! XD)
silverharmony's avatar
You were really cute too! I hadn't seen you in Geass cosplay before ^__^

Indeed indeed, can't wait to see you then!! Time to sew sew sew haha.
eltania's avatar
I'm so fugly and blue x_X

You look great though! Looks like you have heaps more stuff coming up. I'm pretty much done for the year XD
silverharmony's avatar
You're not fugly XD but yeah, you are blue XD

You should do a shoot for your big group *__* I was really impressed!!

Nah luckily I don't really, apart from TB. Manifest is just rewearing that white Meiko costume. And then doing the group where Ray was the little boy in the meadow XD but I've already finished that, that was just altering a tunic.

Lucky you! Dx I can't wait for relaxation tiems too. Oh yeah I need to reply to that twihard email ...
EssenceofCrayon's avatar
I know I've said this before, but YOU WERE SO STUNNING AHDGALYUFAGUHS I'm honoured you want me to be your conchita!len *___*
silverharmony's avatar
Nuuuu nuuuu I'm not as epic as you're making me sound lmaooo XD yes but of course bb, I'd always want to cosplay with you!! Hopefully we'll have a great photoshoot <3 <3 I just have to find a castle hahaha OTL
EssenceofCrayon's avatar
Let's go to Disneyland.
silverharmony's avatar
Hahaha if we were rich.

We'd probably get kicked out for cosplaying without permission. XD
EssenceofCrayon's avatar
Darn. That only leaves one more choice.

mukuroma's avatar
It was really great meeting you!
silverharmony's avatar
Wagh I forgot to mention you Dx *fixes* and likewise!! We'll have to catch up more at the next meetup or con! =D
mukuroma's avatar
Yes we have to catch up more!! XD
blackraven162's avatar
I'm glad you liked your Meiko nendo!! <3<3
silverharmony's avatar
That was so kind of you hun, you really didn't have to! :heart:
blackraven162's avatar
I could and I did. I knew you would like it. So yeah xDD :heart:
zimiel's avatar
Obviously I'm just naturally uke??? OTL >< LMAO :XD:

Was so wonderful to hang out and cos with you on the weekend! :hug: Absolutely can't wait to see you again at main *AAA* :heart:
silverharmony's avatar
I'm going to have an even harder time these days imagining him as a seme lol XD :heart:

Likewise hun <3 I really can't wait to see you & J again either ^^ Good luck with your main cosplays! And we should do Venomania sometime hur hurrr 8Da
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