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This is something that's probably to be expected with a really large group, especially when the large group is set to debut at a con right at the heat of con season. It's even more terrible owing to the fact that we'd started this so long ago, and I'm sorry to everyone who was so looking forward to seeing our Trinity Blood group -

- But we have made a joint decision to disband. We're no longer doing it to Animania; we will be doing it as a shoot someday instead.

The main factors were the lack of time; quite a few members had to withdraw due to uni work, schoolwork and full-time work. With Animania looming up only weeks away, it's difficult to get such complicated costumes done. Added to that was money, which a few of the cosplayers have expressed to me that they're gradually running out of to finish their richly-embellished costumes.

So I have spoken to everyone who is left and all of them (except one whose response I'm waiting for) have gotten back to me - they have agreed with me that it would be best if we didn't try to rush the costumes for Animania, and instead sew it to our full potential and in a relaxed state for a shoot later on. Could be months later, could be a year later, could be years later. We don't know for now.

Added to this, anyone who has me on Twitter knows that 2 days ago I got into an accident and injured myself (tiny bone fracture). My caring group members have advised me to take it easy and not to kill myself sewing my Seth costume for now, and I agree with them.

To my former TB group members: it was fun while it lasted. Even the planning stages were great and I'm sad that this couldn't be avoided. I owe you endless apologies for having the group end in this way and for wasting your time. I still hope we'll be able to cosplay TB together sometime. Thanks for all your support.

To everyone else: thanks also for always being so supportive, and cheering us on, and having been so enthusiastic to see our costumes and our group. I'm sorry to have disappointed you.

I think from now on it would be best also if I didn't organize a big group ever again. I think I've done my share of disappointing people for a lifetime.

On the other hand, what should I cosplay now to Animania?? Can anyone offer ideas? XD I'm so lost.

~ Harmony
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I shall eagerly await this team to happen in the future <3
silverharmony's avatar
Someday I hope! ;__; <3 <3
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whoah i only read this now. how did you hurt yourself? =S
silverharmony's avatar
It was a really stupid accident lol, I slipped & fell :/ luckily the doctor at the hospital told me that kind of tailbone fracture heals really fast, but yeah ... if you heard me constantly complaining in Melb about my butt hurting, that was why xD
Mint-ice-tea's avatar
Oh i think i remember you mentioning that a couple times.
Ah that sucks but at least it isnt major. Get well! DRINK MORE MILK! XD
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I missed your tweet about your injury D:
I can understand though, Trinity Blood costumes are insane @_______@ I hope your injury gets better soon!!
And please enjoy yourself at Manifest<3 ;______; *sends you love*<3
silverharmony's avatar
Sorry for the late reply *A* I really did enjoy myself at Manifest ... can't wait to see you at Animania hun!! And hopefully Conchita shoot afterwards! :heart:
alysael's avatar
No worries<3 Yes yessss~~
So uhm... two weeks after Animania, that would be my school holidays~! Soso, do you prefer weekends or weekdays? 8"D<3
silverharmony's avatar
Weekends is probably better for everyone ;) Some people work weekdays so it might be easier for me to ask photographers to come along? :D
alysael's avatar
Yup yup ^_____^
Do you have a photographer in mind? 8"D<3 If it's pay photographer, as long as it's not SUPER expensive, I'll pay my share btw<3
silverharmony's avatar
No no I'm too poor for paid photographers as well XD

I'll ask around and see who I can get to cameko for us :D
alysael's avatar
Thank you Meiko-nee ;w;<3333 *gives you loads of love*<3333
EssenceofCrayon's avatar
Wahhh I hate not having a twitter! I hope you're alright ;A;
Kirihara sends his love to Sanadapapa~~ :heart:
silverharmony's avatar
Sankyuu!! How come you don't have a Twitter anymore?!?! D8
EssenceofCrayon's avatar
Well every time I try to log on it doesn't let me. Sometimes I actually get to log on but it won't let me post anything D;
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silverharmony's avatar
*HUGS BACK* YEAH IKR T___________T

Oh well ;__;
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Aww! That sucks but I understand, especially with TB's... elaborate...ness XD

I hope you are okay too, heal well! :heart:
silverharmony's avatar
Yeah, it might be a different story if it was simple costumes, but what can you do I guess when you choose something like TB Dx

Thanks so much darling! I hope I will! :heart:
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ARE U OK?!!!! WHAT HAPPENED??!!! i must have missed ur tweet... orz sorry...

ah.. too bad.. i'd like to see ur Trinity Blood group though.. but it's ok.. can't be helped.. >_<;

Get well soon hun.. dun force urself.. >_<;
silverharmony's avatar
Ahaha a stupid accident >_>;; I was tweeting about it for several hours 2 days ago, I was in so much pain lmao xD

Yeah, I'm sad too ... I wish I could've seen it too. Oh well /sighs

Thanks hun ;___; <3 <3
ravient's avatar
SORRYYYY!! I didn't have any twitter application in my mobile so I often miss some tweets.. orz but are u ok now? >_<
silverharmony's avatar
Haha it's ok! Mmm it hurts a lot >< broken/fractured bones usually hurt a lot ... but I just have to keep taking painkiller tablets so it doesn't hurt so much ^^
ravient's avatar
u actually BROKE UR BONES??!!!!! OAO

OMG!!! please be careful hun... >_<;
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