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Venomania: Harem

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Vocaloid cosplay
Madness of Duke Venomania (ヴェノマニア公の狂気) version

Harmony/myself as Meiko (Meilis Belzenia)
*zimiel as Gakupo (Duke Venomania)
*strawdoll as Miku (Mikulia Greonio)
~itakoaya as Luka (Lukana Octo)
*alysael as Gumi (Gumina Glassred)
~dannieh as Kaito

Thank you ~Rayfy for the awesome photography. Initial edit by *zimiel with further edit by me.

Full group shot!! I remember when the PV first came out and we were all fangirling over how we just had to cosplay it. Wig incidents, lost lace disasters & sewing all-nighters across the group later, it's hard to believe we've finally done this photoshoot, and my teammates all look so beautiful doing it ♥ they made this harem sexy. (Sorry for my fail Meiko orz).

Extra credits to ~Tsubaki-chan for styling the wig when mine got irrepairably squished! You're a lifesaver Dx

This costume was entirely hand-made by me. Progress photos for this costume are on my private Facebook, available to be viewed by all my close friends. =)

Other shots in the Venomania series:
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Hi my name is Bryan Phan nice too meet you pretty girl

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Amazing job! You all look beautiful
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Aww thank you!! That means a lot!!
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I really love your cosplay and I wanna do Duke Venomania as well. Can you tell me what fabrics did you use on your beautiful costume? :3
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I'm not Duke Venomania, I'm one of the girls. You'll have to ask my friend!
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I saw the music video to this, it was so awesome xD kinda sad though..
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Yeah it was! Poor Gakupo :< (but all the fanservice, heheh)
JustAnotherFaggot's avatar
yes... hehehhehehe. And his voice *blush*
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very nice!!! I love meiko's hair in this!!
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Thanks, a very good friend helped me with that wig :aww:
PandoraLuv's avatar
you're welcome!!
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aha i knew zimiel was Gakupo XD lovvvve the cosplay loooove the song!!!! :D
love Meiko *your* hair! :D
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Lol yes! What kind compliments, thanks so much :heart:
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OMG!!!! AMAZING ~~~!!!!!! *Dies of awesome ovaload*
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Oh, thank you very much!! :love:
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Your a Very Cute Meiko~~!!
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Thnak you very much! :love:
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ahhaha I like how Kaito is there muahha XD

very pretty
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